Who Are You? ii

There is something important Christianity has tried to suppress over the years, and it has been done very effectively by putting Jesus on a pedestal and making him out to be a higher being than us. This disinformation was created by priestly classes who enjoy the special privilege that religion brings to them and so it is in their interests that people never know the truth of who they are.

Jesus was deliberately elevated to the position of an omnipresent God outside ourselves. He was made into an idol, he was worshipped and once again an altar was created and so was the bizarre idea we need the blood of Jesus to go to heaven, that we are hopeless sinners who constantly need to ask forgiveness for our sins. It’s a load of nonsense. It is a way of programming our thinking to trap us into never knowing our true selves. It is an insanity – it doesn’t free our minds.

The upper classes they don’t like the idea of us all walking around realizing that we are Jesus equal, that we are the Buddha – that we can all do the same things these people did and more. Oh no that won’t do at all, they can’t have people walking around like that. They can’t have equality, it would be a disaster for the establishment and the wonky system they have created. So anyone in the past that realized the truth, like Jesus himself did, usually came to a sticky end, and the information was suppressed and demonized as blasphemy. Nowadays in Western society people aren’t burnt at the stake anymore or tortured for knowing the truth; they tend to be ridiculed, isolated and portrayed as mad. Some fanatical Christians will even accuse awakened people of doing the work of the devil and scare their congregation into remaining trapped in a false reality.

Interestingly Jesus himself was accused of doing the works of the devil. (Mathew 12:24)

So how do you know the truth? You need to quieten the mind and know yourself.


When you meditate regularly, you begin to understand the nature of the mind. With practise, you eventually gain the insight that you are not your thoughts, that the stuff you identify with as being the self is an illusion. Once you understand this you start to wake up and see things as they really are.

For many this can be a frightening realization; depending on how many layers of conditioning there are and how important that conditioning is to their sense of identity. So for some people it is best to go slowly with meditation and work their way up gradually, get some guidance if need be from experienced meditators, go on a retreat so you have the support of other people around you – cause this is your mind and you’re the one who has to live in it. If a person has built complex mental structures and they identify with those as being who they are, if those structures come tumbling down it can send people mad, so go easy if you need to. People should go at a pace they feel comfortable with. Just walk the path one step at a time and you will get there in the end.

I started with 3 minutes meditation a day and struggled to focus at first, my mind would be all over the place. I used an app on my phone to time my meditation and tell me when it was time to stop. I just kept doing it every day, and that is what is important. Regular daily practise. I gradually worked my way up by adding an extra minute each week. Now I can do nearly two hours of meditation a day and I actually look forward to doing it; but when I first started I didn’t really like it very much.

Some folks are so busy they don’t have time to do that much meditation. That’s OK. I think for them they should work their way up to roughly 15 minutes of sitting meditation a day and once this has become a regular part of their daily routine, they should try to watch themselves as they go about their daily life, do some self observation in the midst of activity; this will help them gain insight into how their mind works. You can meditate at any time really, whatever activity you’re doing can become a meditation.

This is easier to do at first if you set a timer to go off at random moments of the day, and when that alarm goes off, spend five minutes or so being mindful of whatever it is you are doing. Sometimes it helps to look at your hands and just feel the sensations in them, this can help bring you into the present moment, you can be aware of any part of the body or all of it at once, feel the different sensations, the feet on the ground, the feeling of walking, the feeling of being sat in a chair, the feeling of the cup in your hand, the breeze on your face. Is there any tension? What is causing the tension? Can you let go of the tension? This can be a meditation.

If your head is racing with many thoughts and chatting incessantly to itself, just watch it, watch what you’re thinking about without becoming attached or emotional, just watch. See if you can notice any tension or agitation in your body and how it correlates to what you are thinking about. Can you relax the tension you feel and does this in turn effect your thoughts and vice versa. Ask yourself at random moments in the day: Where am I? Focus on your surroundings, be present in the moment. This is also a meditation.

If you manage to get to the stage where you can just watch your thoughts and you are able to do some self observation, ask yourself who is the one doing the observing? How can you be thinking and watching your thoughts at the same time? Where is the presence of mind? Is the presence with the one watching, or the one doing the thinking?

Can you still be consious even when you’re not thinking?

Can you be aware of what is going on around you without thinking?

If you are conscious and aware of your surroundings when you are not thinking – Who are you?

The idea is to awaken,  and you do this by realizing the fake self we all create in our heads, the conditioning/programming that we identify with and think is us, isn’t actually who we are.


Find your true self


Christians can replace the word Buddha, with the word Christ. Us Westerners have grown up with the teachings of Jesus and that’s fine.

Be wary of religion though, be careful it doesn’t become a cage for your mind. I think many religions have lost the point of the original teachings, and instead of freeing people from their ego, they add more fuel to it, the ego or maya self is a tricky bugger. It doesn’t care what it identifies with. It will quite happily identify with being a hopeless sinner, a devotee, priest, mystic or great teacher; as it will identify with a job title, career, leader, patriot, race, class, consumer, victim or anything else it can conjure up and trick you into associating with. None of these things are who you are.

Religion can become a trap. It teaches people to depend on something or someone outside themselves – and that isn’t freedom.

The truth is everything you need is already within you. The Buddha, Jesus they point to a path, but you have to walk that path yourself and put the effort in.
Not everyone likes meditation, especially in this busy modern world with all it’s distractions, screens and stimulation. It can feel like hard work, and not much fun; but of all the tools available it is definately the most effective. I started at just 3 minutes a day at first, and worked my way up each week. I found this worked well for me. You do a little meditation each day and gradually work your way up. Regular practise is more important in the beginning than length of time spent doing it. If you try to do too much sitting meditation in the beginning, it will put you off and you won’t want to do it anymore, you’ll just see it as a chore. So you do what feels comfortable for you and fit it in to your life. If you add an extra minute to your practise each week, in a year you will be doing an hour of meditation a day, and at that point it won’t feel like a chore or a bore anymore.

Ego and Weapons of Mass Destruction, not a Good Combination.

Did an hour and 35 minutes of meditation. Still got some ways to go, the insanity is still there, although it’s more like a background noise now than something I identify with. Like a radio I can tune out of.
The most difficult thing I am finding, is how to describe what I am feeling to other people. I am not just walking this path for myself. Awakening takes a long time, but at this time we don’t have that much time. There has to be a way to explain what is, in as few words as possible, a way that transcends cultural and language barriers, so people everywhere can immediately understand what the path to freedom is. Something that cuts straight through the conditioning and helps people see clearly.
People of this age need to wake up fast, unlike previous ages, the maya self now has the power to destroy more than ever before. An ego mixed with weapons of mass destruction is a bad combination.
There needs to be a mass awakening on earth, not just a few enlightened beings dotted here and there, no that won’t do, there needs to be a mass blooming everywhere – that is what will save the day and bring peace and balance back to the earth. We all need to lose our egos, or at least the majority of us do, cause the majority can pull the rest along if need be (;



One thing that my thinking loops get fixated on is this idea you have to be worthy to feel peace, that you have to achieve it by reaching some goal, or going on a journey.

It is not true. It’s already there within us. To feel it we have to let go, stop thinking so much and getting caught up in our loops and spirals. You don’t have to jump through any hoops; or achieve anything in this life to find peace.

Just let go man, be and feel the peace that comes from being in the presence of your true self and not the illusory one created by thinking too much.

Some Thoughts on The Book of Revelation

revelationHere’s some religious thoughts I had just now after meditating a little. I was thinking about the book of revelation and some bits suddenly started to make a tiny bit of sense to me, I know most people hate religion which is fair enough, just skip the following blurb if you are one of those people:

I believe that the Beast of revelation could be unfettered capitalism. The number of the beast, is the number of man, mankind is symbolized by a six pointed star in the kabbala I think. It isn’t a specific person, it is mankind in general. So the beast is a creation of man. Capitalism is a system created by man; and it is losing all it’s regulations now, the red tape and important checks and balances that stop greed going out of control are set to be removed by the new trans Atlantic trade deals. With these deals, corporations will have power over our governments, nations will lose their sovereignty due to the investor state dispute mechanism in all these trade deals. This will mean big corporations will basically be able to do what they like to us and the planet. These transnational trade deals are basically rubber stamping this corporate takeover. The EU one is called TTIP. Governments for a long time have basically had their strings pulled by corporations, but these new trade deals will make this official.

I believe the mark of the Beast is this:

The mark on the forehead symbolizes your thoughts, your mind. The mark on your right hand symbolizes the work that you do, your actions.

Do you think good or evil thoughts or have good or evil intentions? Do you do good or evil works?

Therefore at some point in the future according to the book of revelation there will be a time when no one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast. Basically if you want to eat, you will have to do evil to survive, you will have to agree to evil laws and obey them. It isn’t a physical mark, it won’t be any microchip or implant, I believe it is symbolic, a metaphor. (I could be wrong, this is just me speculating on the meaning, however it does say somewhere that nothing that goes into a man will make him impure, it is what comes out of a man which makes him impure, i.e. words and deeds.)

An example might be you are a journalist, you work for a big media corporation. You discover that what you are reporting is a lie to mislead people and stir them into supporting evil acts. So you decide to report the truth; Or you interview a member of the government and ask them a difficult question that catches out their lies.

Later your employer tells you off and tells you never to do that again or you will lose your job & this could mean you never get another job in media. You worry because you have an expensive mortgage or rent to pay, you have a family, to lose your job would mean you struggle to make ends meet. Even though you can see and understand now the evil, you turn a blind eye to it, do not speak out against it and continue to mislead the public and manipulate them.

Imagine if you see a person suffering, but the law forbids you from helping that person, a homeless person for example or a refugee; if you disobey, you may lose your job and as a result of committing a criminal offence you may struggle to gain employment again, you might even be sent to prison. So you do not help that person, you harden your heart to justify your actions to your conscience. The more you do this, the colder and harder your heart becomes, till there comes a point you no longer care about the suffering of others, as long as you’re alright and have money you are fine.

Or some people may not care at all and happily do evil with no conscience or feeling.

You become a part of this evil by not speaking out, by choosing not to help those who are suffering.

If enough people chose not to obey evil laws or rules, the laws would not be enforceable. It is only when we willingly give our consent and surrender our power that these things are allowed to continue. We are manipulated into behaving in a negative way through fear.

Fear divides us, when communities are divided against one another they are weak, they cannot unite and make a stand against the evil in the world. Propaganda tries to trick us into thinking in a certain way & into dividing us and giving our power to the government. A manmade institution controlled by corporations, corporations who worship capitalism, capitalism which when unregulated becomes a terrible Beast driven mad by greed, greed which corrupts and taints and consumes the Earth and tries to gain dominion over it, commits terrible crimes against life.

Either way both types of people have accepted the mark of the Beast & are given many opportunities to repent, to change. They are given an opportunity to repent and change when they see that what they are doing is evil. Repeatedly refusing to change makes you grow cold and hard inside, till eventually you are lost and only the painful burning away of all those layers will free your soul from the cold hard shell it has constructed around it. Like one of those seeds that will only germinate and sprout once it’s outer layer has been burnt through fire.

I think the wrath of God, the seven seals, is symbolic of us reaping what we sow. All the damage and destruction we have wrought on the earth. All our pollution will come back at us. Whether it is through terrible earthquakes, floods, through industrial poisoning of the drinking water, there could be sickness and disease brought on by our pollution. Drought causing crops to fail, great storms causing crops to fail and causing damage to our infrastructure, deforestation, degradation of the soil, these terrible things are brought about by our greed which causes pollution, which poisons the earth, sky, rivers and oceans and causes climate change and a mass extinction event. These things are all caused by the actions of man, not God. The seven bowls of wrath are symbolic of the destruction we bring upon ourselves, it is the consequences of our actions.

Not too sure about the rest, the parts about war are pretty obvious to most people I think. When you read it, you have to understand the symbolism, it isn’t meant to be taken literally, it is a metaphor.

Just my thoughts on this anyway, I could be totally wrong…

seven trumpets

The Darkness and The Light

yin-yangWhen the French politicians announced today they plan to keep armed police on the streets, to give them the power to enter anyone’s house and search it without a warrant, the power to place anyone they want to under house arrest and impose curfews on them without the need to seek judicial authority. The power to take down any website they feel the need to, at any time. It confirmed in me what I have been seeing this all lead to.

They want every country to be like this. They want us all to be manipulated and programmed into accepting this. That’s why they are insisting the French national anthem be sung at every premier league football match, to programme the people to prepare for a coming police state they’ve been planning and gradually introducing for a long time now. The French ministers say it will be for three months, however many people are concerned once implemented it will never end, people are concerned France will become a permanent police state. If it is seen as successful in France it will be implemented here too. They will manipulate us with their stories of fear, to sheepishly hand over our freedom to them.

The darkness will cloud everything. All minds and hearts will be tested. Fear will affect us all & test our inner strength & resolve.

For example if it becomes illegal to give food or money to a homeless person, what do you do? Do you break the law even if it is in front of armed police, or if there is a risk you will be found out by the mass surveillance. Do you show compassion to that human being or do you close your heart out of fear of punishment from the state?

These are the sorts of dilemmas people will be faced with in the coming age. Do you protect a friend? And in so doing risk punishment yourself for doing so. Do you stop listening to your heart, shut your mind to the voice of your conscience and do the evil the state asks of you in order to survive?

Will you speak out against evil or will you stay silent out of fear?

Things are getting really dark. When TTIP is pushed through, corporations will descend on our nations like vultures on a corpse and exploit them for all they are worth. Corporations will come first and ISDS will pull the strings of our governments. They are in truth already pulling the strings of our governments; TTIP will rubber stamp it and make it official, make it law.

Our environment and our homes will no longer be protected, we will lose our human rights. They will rape the earth without mercy, and the beast of capitalism will rise unfettered. Greed will have no end, no bounds, there will be no lengths it won’t go to in it’s depravity. There may come a time when people will no longer have the right to grow their own food or collect rainwater.

I believe people must not let the darkness consume them, they must not surrender to it and ally themselves with it. It may take great courage for many to stand up to this beast; but if your heart tells you to show compassion, even if that compassion is against the laws of man, do it. Follow your heart, show kindness, believe in the light even in it’s absence. This madness won’t last, there is always hope, and the light will come again, it will come from all those who stay true to it and this darkness will wither away and die and there will be new growth.

new growth