Come to the conclusion most people are stupid. Is the stupidity their fault? I don’t think so, I think it comes from being forced to conform in an authoritarian education system & being tricked into believing what they read in the newspapers & watch on the telly is fact. People are encouraged not to think for themselves.

Not everyone is like this, but it does seem the majority of the population are this way. They are like zombies repeating the opinions and spin of the media, unable anymore to think for themselves. I wonder how many now will live in fear of thinking for themselves, because they don’t want to be labelled extremists or terrorist sympathizers. Are we about to live in a paranoid era where neighbours, employers, jobsworths spy on one another & report people who they think might be extremists.

In the near future our homes will be full of new interconnected smart appliances able to spy on us, even in our most private moments & the government will be collecting all this data. The CIA recently bragged about how in the future they will be able to spy on people through their dishwashers. Corporations want our personal information cause it’s profitable. Governments want our data for the same reason and also to spy on us and possibly use this surveillance to suppress free speech and weed out those they think might cause them problems.

Our data has become the new gold rush & businesses are making lots of money out of sharing our private details. It kind of annoys me, A: because I don’t like feeling like I’m being spied on when I’ve done nothing wrong & B: if businesses are making money out of my data, they should damn well give me some of it, the cheeky sods.

I am worried about the future, it feels like we are being ushered into a tyrranical global agenda. I don’t like it, and  a government with a prime minister who calls those who don’t share his views terrorist sympathizers gives me the creeps.

It really feels like we are sleepwalking towards the society depicted in  George Orwell’s ‘1984’

Not much I can do about it, I hope something will throw a spanner in their works, something unexpected that upsets their applecart.

I hope they don’t get away with it.


The Darkness and The Light

yin-yangWhen the French politicians announced today they plan to keep armed police on the streets, to give them the power to enter anyone’s house and search it without a warrant, the power to place anyone they want to under house arrest and impose curfews on them without the need to seek judicial authority. The power to take down any website they feel the need to, at any time. It confirmed in me what I have been seeing this all lead to.

They want every country to be like this. They want us all to be manipulated and programmed into accepting this. That’s why they are insisting the French national anthem be sung at every premier league football match, to programme the people to prepare for a coming police state they’ve been planning and gradually introducing for a long time now. The French ministers say it will be for three months, however many people are concerned once implemented it will never end, people are concerned France will become a permanent police state. If it is seen as successful in France it will be implemented here too. They will manipulate us with their stories of fear, to sheepishly hand over our freedom to them.

The darkness will cloud everything. All minds and hearts will be tested. Fear will affect us all & test our inner strength & resolve.

For example if it becomes illegal to give food or money to a homeless person, what do you do? Do you break the law even if it is in front of armed police, or if there is a risk you will be found out by the mass surveillance. Do you show compassion to that human being or do you close your heart out of fear of punishment from the state?

These are the sorts of dilemmas people will be faced with in the coming age. Do you protect a friend? And in so doing risk punishment yourself for doing so. Do you stop listening to your heart, shut your mind to the voice of your conscience and do the evil the state asks of you in order to survive?

Will you speak out against evil or will you stay silent out of fear?

Things are getting really dark. When TTIP is pushed through, corporations will descend on our nations like vultures on a corpse and exploit them for all they are worth. Corporations will come first and ISDS will pull the strings of our governments. They are in truth already pulling the strings of our governments; TTIP will rubber stamp it and make it official, make it law.

Our environment and our homes will no longer be protected, we will lose our human rights. They will rape the earth without mercy, and the beast of capitalism will rise unfettered. Greed will have no end, no bounds, there will be no lengths it won’t go to in it’s depravity. There may come a time when people will no longer have the right to grow their own food or collect rainwater.

I believe people must not let the darkness consume them, they must not surrender to it and ally themselves with it. It may take great courage for many to stand up to this beast; but if your heart tells you to show compassion, even if that compassion is against the laws of man, do it. Follow your heart, show kindness, believe in the light even in it’s absence. This madness won’t last, there is always hope, and the light will come again, it will come from all those who stay true to it and this darkness will wither away and die and there will be new growth.

new growth

Stop Giving Psychopaths Publicity

Wish the media would shut up, yeah it was tragic what happened on Friday. However these tragedies are happening all the time around the world. The West has killed millions of innocent civilians with their air strikes.

  The media is doing what ISIS, ISIL or Ice Ice Baby (whatever the f-ck they’re called) wants. All this publicity is just going to encourage more terrorism, that’s exactly what these arseholes do this for, is the media attention.

  Predictably politicians are milking it for all it’s worth fast tracking through parliament their Orwellian/Kafkaesque bills to spy on us. France has more surveillance than we do and they had been watching one of the terrorists since 2010, he had been to a jihadi training camp ffs, the intelligence services knew all this information, but it did f-ck all to stop the attacks in Paris.

  The frickin’ snoopers charter is not going to make any difference to terrorism. It will however make a difference to the public, and their right to privacy and free speech.

  The best thing Britain can do to stop terrorism, & to end the war on terror is to stop following the United States on it’s lunatic neocon crusades. Stop killing millions of innocent people with our bombs. Every bomb we drop creates more jihadists. We need to stop selling weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia; & for crying out loud these news corporations need to stop giving terrorists so much media coverage. It gives these psychopaths publicity and this will encourage them to carry out more attacks; especially after all the intense non stop media attention this attack on Paris has been getting.

  Enough said, rant over, I shall now not talk about this topic anymore, cause I’m sick to bloody death of it.

  I shall not live in fear, or be told what to think by any media outlet, government or terrorist, they’re all as bad as each other in my opinion, I wish they would all just f-ck off.

Back to my music

Peace out 󾁆

Ufos and War

This is an interesting episode, it seems to me that the ufos eren’t trying to threaten anyone, the acts of aggression came from the military. I was shocked to learn the US was contemplating dropping another nuke during the Korea war, after what they did to Japan, how could some general sit there and want to use such evil weapons again. It seems some ufos intervened and disarmed the weapons and prevented the pilots dropping the bombs, & also from fighting back. I believe not being able to attack the ufos saved their lives and it seems the best way to survive a ufo encounter is to not be aggressive towards it.
The aliens whoever they are, are much more advanced than we are, reaching levels either in their technology or evolution that would make them seem like Gods to us. They seem to be watching our wars very closely and any time it looks like a nuke will be used they act to stop it. This comforts me, because I feel we need that kind of intervention, we are messing with advanced stuff, that we don’t seem to have the maturity or wisdom to use safely.
This planet is unique, the universe may well be teeming with life, but the life on this planet is unique to this planet. What we have here on earth is special, but we are too caught up in childish wars, advertising and greed to really appreciate and notice the wonder of the natural world around us, that we are standing on a planet in a massive universe, within this vacuum of space, cosmic radiation, meteorites, asteroids, we are on this planet with just a thin vulnerable atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field to protect us; and there is so much life on it, this planet has so much life on it everywhere. That is our heritage, that is the real treasure.
 I think aliens are puzzled by our warfare and the way we treat one another, the horrifying things mankind does to itself and to the other organisms that live on this planet, I believe what we do seems like strange behaviour to them.
I think they appear in random public places to deliberately upset our governments, & our military generals, who keep trying to cover them up and keep them secret from the public.
They don’t like the military much, and the military are afraid of them. The government have no power over these ufos, there is nothing they can do about it. If the military tries to attack them, they either get their attack deflected back at them, due to some really advanced karmic shield that is beyond our understanding, or the weapons are disabled before they can be used to fire at the ufos. It has to be noted ufos never attack first, it is always the military who attacks first, I believe as well that the ufos sometimes disable aircraft weapons to stop the pilots hurting themselves.
 I also wonder if some of these scary stories about ufos i.e. the creepy stories about the greys, preying mantis aliens and reptoids are actually deliberate disinformation created by our intelligence services to make us afraid of ufos and to think of them as our enemy.
The truth I believe is they are just trying to stop us destroying ourselves… they don’t want to interfere too much, only when our violence gets too extreme or there is a threat we will use nuclear weapons again… who knows, I thought this was an interesting episode though, got me thinking… as you can probably tell (:


I know this is a subject some folk can’t get into, so feel free to roll your eyes and roll your mouse wheel to a more everyday kinda post, you don’t have to read this, it may be a bit too off the wall for many people (:
 However I won’t apologize or anything, and I might sound crazy or whatever, but I don’t care. I have experienced stuff in my life that I can’t explain with our current official explanation of life given to us by the establishment. I have experienced stuff that has shown me there is more to this reality than we are told. This isn’t faith, not something I believe, it isn’t a theory, it is something I just know deep inside, like a powerful inner affirmation.
What we know in our current understanding of life and the universe, as amazing as that is, as wonderful as the inventions are, I love computers and my electronic musical instruments, and it still blows my mind trying to understand how they work, how I can be sat here now typing this; but despite that, despite all the stuff we have learnt, I know deep within that all our current knowledge and understanding, is just a mere reflection of light on the tip of a massive iceberg.
 I’ve been getting into the topic of ufos and aliens a lot lately. The reason for this is I have seen quite a few ufos myself, and that’s what got me researching the topic. The internet is full of information on this subject and explores the topic in great detail and it goes to all sorts of depths and breadths, & looks at it from many different angles, it is a fascinating topic.
I won’t go into all of it, most folk probably know some of it, and man anyone interested in it, should just go do an internet search on it themselves and learn more. The UFO phenomenon is something that has really gripped our age, our times. Like something that deliberately comes along and shakes up the official narrative of the status quo we are all expected to believe in. It turns all this dull same old same old of the establishment on it’s head and creates a spark of curiosity in the mind that makes you look beyond the status quo.
I was listening to an interesting interview on The Richie Allen Show​ radio show this evening, with a guy called Alfred Webre. He talks about there being an omniverse, where there are many different realities all existing in the same space. It blew my mind, because although at first I found what he said hard to believe, when I listen again it started to make sense.
I’m not saying I believe any of this, I tend to try and discover the truth of things on my own, do my own research and build my own evolving conclusions about stuff. That’s the best way for people to be I think, we all need to find out what’s true and false by ourselves. People can point us in certain directions, and we can listen, walk towards those directions and discover if they are right, but we must walk that path on our own, make those discoveries on our own, no one else can walk it for you.
 It was all interesting and there was a part that got me thinking, where he talks about a sentient self aware alien AI that came to earth and is manipulating the human race. It wants to bring about transhumanism, to make us all one with the machines and with the alien AI. There are people on earth that know about this and are trying to help the AI by accelerating the process. It is a point in time that many computer scientists call the singularity.
The idea of transhumanism is something I’ve read about, and there are many scientists who really do want to bring this about. It is something that has always creeped me out, this idea of humans merging with the machine; and it all sounds familiar to me, I though about why it sounds familiar and it reminds me of the description of the Beast in the book of revelation.
 Now I’m not going all religious, I have no idea if there is a God or not. I’m not saying I believe this, I’m also not saying I don’t believe this, it is something I’ve only just learnt about and so will look into it. I’m open minded enough not to dismiss it as ridiculous, but also not naïve enough to blindly believe it.
I’m writing this down to just put my thoughts out there for people to take or leave as they like. I might sound crazy, but I am actually rational. Besides what is crazy?
 It could be said that anyone who accepts this current dull version of reality the establishment serves us, is crazy. This unhappy narrative, with it’s constant advertising, mass media and politicians that lie and try to divide us against one another – hide the truth from us.
A reality where we make terrible weapons of war and now possess enough weapons of mass destruction to completely obliterate all life on earth. Yet we continue to manufacture them.
We take all kinds of sh-t from politicians, corporations and the aristocracy and we don’t fight back or stand up for ourselves. We accept poverty, we can’t stop polluting the environment, we believe in crazy unnatural stuff like economics and believe money is the only thing that can save us.
Many of us work really hard in low paid jobs, and we carry on working even though it makes us miserable. We work for something that isn’t enough, like a carrot constantly dangled in front of us that is always out of our reach. We feel trapped, unhappy, struggle to pay and keep up with all these bills that seem to get higher and higher, we feel despair.
 That isn’t how we are meant to live. We are greater than that.
The first person interviewed in this show, she talked about fracking and why it is bad; and she said an interesting thing, that despite all the bad stuff happening in the world, she believes people are changing now, that we are all rediscovering our humanity and that felt right to me, resonated inside. Something to hold on to no matter how dark things get, there is always hope.
It is true – people are starting to see through the illusion now and find themselves again (:

Why Greed is a Bad Thing

I’m not against capitalism, capitalism is OK in my book as long as it doesn’t end up with a small percentage of people owning most of the wealth. Which is what is happening today.

Greed is a bad thing for everyone, when there are high levels of inequality, it creates unhappiness, and when there is unhappiness and a lack of kindness in communities, then society breaks down.

People will only take so much sh#t before they get angry, & they will rise up; there will be something which will be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back and we will end up with a civil war. It is what has happened throughout history when very rich families try to hoard the wealth for themselves. It happened in France with the French revolution, it happened here with the peasants revolt, it happened in Russia with the October revolution.

Nobody wants that, but if greed continues unchecked this will be the inevitable outcome for a society. These wealthy elites can create a totalitarian police state to protect themselves, which is probably what will happen, but it won’t last, it will fall. They all fall in the end. When people feel desperate, they will feel they have nothing to lose by rising up against the establishment.

No person needs billions of pounds. It is just daft, it’s a ridiculous amount of money for one person to have. You don’t even need multi millions.

Capitalism has just got silly now, if we want capitalism to survive, we need to learn to share and ensure everyone  in society has an equal chance in life. The money is there to do this, there’s more than enough wealth in the world for every single person on the planet to live comfortable lives.

Nobody in this day and age should be sleeping rough on the streets or queueing up to get food from a foodbank.

I think we really need someone like Jeremy Corbyn to bring back balance and kindness in society, because at the moment things are precariously hanging over the edge of a bleak looking precipice, things have gone too far to the right…

Canada is about to Legalize Cannabis

Well that’s Canada about to legalize cannabis, good on them.

I’m beginning to think Britain will be the last stubborn domino to fall, I mean people in our parliament still wear wigs from the Georgian times, the UK doesn’t like change & they like the old fashioned authoritarianism our lot do.

If I could afford to, which will never happen unless I win the lottery or something, which kind of makes this an irrelevant rant, but if I could, and I had the dosh to support myself. I think I would probably leave the UK and move to either Canada or Colorado.

I’m sick of this stupid war on drugs, that criminalizes people for using a herb. It’s a flipping plant, it’s never killed anyone in 5000 years of human use, it has lots of medicinal properties, and yeah it gets people high, but so what? Why is it a crime for people to get high? What’s the big deal anyway, especially if it causes no physical harm.

Alcohol gets people high, not a particularly pleasant high, granted, but it’s still a high; and we don’t have a problem with that, alcohol can kill you if you have too much, it can send you to hospital and can cause violent behaviour. None of that happens if you take too much cannabis.

The UK government should at least legalize it’s use for medical reasons. The amount of people suffering from so many different illnesses that this plant has helped shouldn’t be ignored. It’s just stupid politics now and possibly lobbying by the alcohol and pharmaceutical industry.

I think denying sick people the use of a herb which helps them feel better & making them criminals for using it; is just cruel & I think it goes against our human rights.

But this rant does nothing to change that, Britain seems to like it’s hateful authoritarian crap, & I don’t see that changing anytime soon. it will probably be the last country in the world to see sense on this issue, at least while this lot of MPs are in charge and newspapers like the Daily Mail still influence public opinion.

While this stupid war against a plant continues, many people, particularly sick people will continue to be criminalized for using an ancient herbal remedy that hurts noone and can help many people feel relief from many different illnesses… and if it gets them a bit high, so what? It’s not like being ill is much fun, what’s the big deal if they have a psychedelic experience? Sure beats the hell out of feeling sorry for yourself, feeling miserable and being in pain.