Under the Weather

Not managed to do anything today. Can hardly move or function much in any way. After the euphoria of getting back into music & a feeling that I’m finally starting to get somewhere with it, I have a really positive feeling about what I’m producing at the moment. It isn’t anywhere near finished at the moment, I’m hoping to release my first proper album on iTunes some time next year, but I want to make it the best I can before I do. But I feel good about it & that’s the main thing.

I woke up today with my legs not wanting to move, that horrible delayed reaction, where I tell my leg to move one way & there is a delayed response. There’s a numbness in my left foot, which is annoying. I have painful spasms in my arms & particularly in my chest there is a feeling of something squeezing my ribs. I feel weak & just couldn’t get into the music today.

Been reading a fair bit about politics on both sides of the argument. I won’t hide the fact that I am a supporter of Jeremy Cornyn. It’s the first time I’ve supported the Labour party. I ussually vote Green, but at the next election as it stands at the moment I’ll vote for Labour. It is refreshing to see a politician like Jeremy Corbyn. There is a good while yet till the next election, he has one hell of a challenge on his hands, but something within me feels hope & that hope feels good.

I think it’s true that hope is stronger than fear. Give people some hope & it is like a light that can unite us & give us something to walk towards.

I think politics is about to get really interesting & it feels like a wind of change is blowing on these isles…


Music III

Couldn’t sleep, so worked on a couple of tracks, getting back into my music. I feel really good about what I’m doing at the moment, feels like a release of stored up energy coming out in a whoosh of different vibes & stories… I feel like I’m making some new progress at last, getting better at sculpturing & seperating the sounds. After reading & watching loads of tutorials on producing music & overdosing on too much information, I became frustrated with a feeling of stagnation & lost patience, I couldn’t get into it anymore, I needed a break.

Then from out of nowhere like a bolt of something I felt the urge to get back to it again.

I think sometimes that long period of stagnation is part of the learning process. Maybe it is the unconscious sorting through all the information, like a computer processor, & when it’s done, you feel a block has been lifted & you can move on.

Metaphor for many things in life – for me anyway.

I seem to be the sort of learner who leaps from one part to the next, instead of steady walking.

Music II

Can’t sleep again, so sat up working on the new LP. Has a good vibe about it this one, feels euphoric. Been learning a lot this year about music production & thanks to my family I now have all the gear I need to hopefully produce some better quality stuff. I’m taking my time with it, not going to rush it, just let it be ready in it’s own time. It is like medicine in this crazy world, feels good for my head.


Going through a creative phase again. Working on my first home studio album. It is hard work man, gets tiring sometimes listening to the same bits over & over to figure out what’s missing or wrong or what should come next. Currently got 5 sketches that are 5 seperate songs, there will be more songs, then got to work out the right order & then going to mix them all into one continuous flow. It’s going to take me ages, but is keeping me busy. I plan on releasing it on to iTunes when it’s finished – see how it does. It will be a while before it’s finished though, possibly be ready early next year.