Stop Giving Psychopaths Publicity

Wish the media would shut up, yeah it was tragic what happened on Friday. However these tragedies are happening all the time around the world. The West has killed millions of innocent civilians with their air strikes.

  The media is doing what ISIS, ISIL or Ice Ice Baby (whatever the f-ck they’re called) wants. All this publicity is just going to encourage more terrorism, that’s exactly what these arseholes do this for, is the media attention.

  Predictably politicians are milking it for all it’s worth fast tracking through parliament their Orwellian/Kafkaesque bills to spy on us. France has more surveillance than we do and they had been watching one of the terrorists since 2010, he had been to a jihadi training camp ffs, the intelligence services knew all this information, but it did f-ck all to stop the attacks in Paris.

  The frickin’ snoopers charter is not going to make any difference to terrorism. It will however make a difference to the public, and their right to privacy and free speech.

  The best thing Britain can do to stop terrorism, & to end the war on terror is to stop following the United States on it’s lunatic neocon crusades. Stop killing millions of innocent people with our bombs. Every bomb we drop creates more jihadists. We need to stop selling weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia; & for crying out loud these news corporations need to stop giving terrorists so much media coverage. It gives these psychopaths publicity and this will encourage them to carry out more attacks; especially after all the intense non stop media attention this attack on Paris has been getting.

  Enough said, rant over, I shall now not talk about this topic anymore, cause I’m sick to bloody death of it.

  I shall not live in fear, or be told what to think by any media outlet, government or terrorist, they’re all as bad as each other in my opinion, I wish they would all just f-ck off.

Back to my music

Peace out 󾁆