What Makes us Human?

Just received this story on my Facebook newsfeed & wanted to share it to fight against the rising xenophobia in Britain, to show we can be better.



Human Flotsam

I saw a photo on Facebook that disturbed & horrified me. It was of dead Palestinian & Syrian children washed up on a shore, the photo was taken by someone trying to help the refugees. You hear about it on the news, but when you see it, it hits home.

It is a topic that is almost constantly on the news at the moment.

I can’t get that image out of my head it was so tragic & deeply upsetting.

Britain & America should be doing more to help these refugees. After all it was our nations who bombed, invaded & destabilized Iraq, Libya & now Syria. We are the ones who divided up Palestine so Zionists could create the state of Israel, we sell them weapons & instead of choosing to live in peace with Palestine, they commit war crimes & disgusting brutality & unacceptable behaviour towards Palestinians. Britain & America sell weapons to many countries, Isis is currently using weapons made in Britain & America, sold to them, by a wealthy sympathetic to their cause element, in Saudi Arabia. The illegal invasion of Iraq by Bush & Blair was the seedbed of ISIS. We used depleted uranium in Iraq & in Libya, which has poisoned the land & actually does more long term harm than the chemical weapons Assad was alleged to have used.


Depleted Uranium shells & bullets are used to pierce armour. It is considered safe because it is weakly radioactive & it is said it would take 200 years for it to penetrate a person’s skin if they were holding it. However if it is consumed, I.e. via contaminated food & water it’s a different story. The metal then becomes highly toxic & causes birth defects in babies & organ damage.

I’m writing this because the UK & America should take some responsibility for their actions & help these refugees. I feel ashamed of Britain when I hear the hateful stuff in some of the media, some people’s attitudes & the government’s cold hearted selfish approach to dealing with the crisis. They expect the rest of Europe to deal with it, but don’t lift a finger to support them.

Greece is being overwhelmed, they have no money, the EU & American corporations just saw to that, the EU & America should be giving money to Greece to help with the refugee crisis. All Western governments should be putting money & resources into helping these refugees, we should all be doing our bit, including the US, who led these invasions.

If we don’t like it, well it’s tough. You shouldn’t go invading other countries, you shouldn’t sell weapons to dodgy groups of people, you shouldn’t divide up bits of land you have no business dividing. If you do this & the region becomes destabilized & it creates a refugee crisis, you take some responsibility & do what you can to help those innocent people.

The refugee crisis we have now is just the tip of the iceberg. In the future there will be refugees because of climate change.

The world is changing, things won’t ever be the same as they once were. These are difficult trying times for many. It would be great if all these world leaders stopped argueing & trying to manipulate one another for self serving interests, & showed some genuine compassion for the refugees.

What was with the far right idiots booing the German chancellor for wanting to help the refugees?


I just can’t get my head round how cold hearted & empty inside so many people seem to be, not just many of the politicians & heads of corporations, but a large percentage of the population too. Has capitalism killed compassion?

My heart feels heavy just now…

Our Walled Island

On the news there are a lot of stories about how refugees are fleeing their country. They risk death coming over the sea & are pouring into Europe. I think that things must be really bad in their home for them to do this. When you hear the countries mentioned you realize this is the fault of the West. I really dislike & resent how the politicians & the media try to portray immigrants as the enemy. I dislike the complete lack of compassion & acknowledgement that our invasions in the middle east are the cause of this mass desperate rush to get into our country. I dislike how the media plays on our selfishness to justify not helping these people. We in the West have yet to experience some of the extreme poverty & corporate military bullying that many of the world’s population know. The way Monsanto steals their money & their dignity with it’s GMO seeds. Leaving them dependant on them in order to eat. The way Western corporations grab land & create more poverty wherever they go, like leeches, they suck away the world’s wealth & keep it to themselves. Many poor people go hungry while our supermarkets throw away food. There’s more than enough food to feed the world yet so much goes to waste. The same can be said of money, there’s more than enough wealth for everyone, yet some people keep most of it to themselves. How can a country feel proud of itself if it closes it’s doors to refugees that need our help because of our corporate wars. If we don’t want to let these desperate helpless people into the UK we should at least be financially & physically supporting Italy & Greece. What a selfish nation we have become. Our government does not accept the consequences of it’s actions. They build walls around their hearts & plan to build them round our shores, then look the other way, pretend their foolish war never happened. What sort of cold hearted miserly place has Britain become?