Ego and Weapons of Mass Destruction, not a Good Combination.

Did an hour and 35 minutes of meditation. Still got some ways to go, the insanity is still there, although it’s more like a background noise now than something I identify with. Like a radio I can tune out of.
The most difficult thing I am finding, is how to describe what I am feeling to other people. I am not just walking this path for myself. Awakening takes a long time, but at this time we don’t have that much time. There has to be a way to explain what is, in as few words as possible, a way that transcends cultural and language barriers, so people everywhere can immediately understand what the path to freedom is. Something that cuts straight through the conditioning and helps people see clearly.
People of this age need to wake up fast, unlike previous ages, the maya self now has the power to destroy more than ever before. An ego mixed with weapons of mass destruction is a bad combination.
There needs to be a mass awakening on earth, not just a few enlightened beings dotted here and there, no that won’t do, there needs to be a mass blooming everywhere – that is what will save the day and bring peace and balance back to the earth. We all need to lose our egos, or at least the majority of us do, cause the majority can pull the rest along if need be (;



Ufos and War

This is an interesting episode, it seems to me that the ufos eren’t trying to threaten anyone, the acts of aggression came from the military. I was shocked to learn the US was contemplating dropping another nuke during the Korea war, after what they did to Japan, how could some general sit there and want to use such evil weapons again. It seems some ufos intervened and disarmed the weapons and prevented the pilots dropping the bombs, & also from fighting back. I believe not being able to attack the ufos saved their lives and it seems the best way to survive a ufo encounter is to not be aggressive towards it.
The aliens whoever they are, are much more advanced than we are, reaching levels either in their technology or evolution that would make them seem like Gods to us. They seem to be watching our wars very closely and any time it looks like a nuke will be used they act to stop it. This comforts me, because I feel we need that kind of intervention, we are messing with advanced stuff, that we don’t seem to have the maturity or wisdom to use safely.
This planet is unique, the universe may well be teeming with life, but the life on this planet is unique to this planet. What we have here on earth is special, but we are too caught up in childish wars, advertising and greed to really appreciate and notice the wonder of the natural world around us, that we are standing on a planet in a massive universe, within this vacuum of space, cosmic radiation, meteorites, asteroids, we are on this planet with just a thin vulnerable atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field to protect us; and there is so much life on it, this planet has so much life on it everywhere. That is our heritage, that is the real treasure.
 I think aliens are puzzled by our warfare and the way we treat one another, the horrifying things mankind does to itself and to the other organisms that live on this planet, I believe what we do seems like strange behaviour to them.
I think they appear in random public places to deliberately upset our governments, & our military generals, who keep trying to cover them up and keep them secret from the public.
They don’t like the military much, and the military are afraid of them. The government have no power over these ufos, there is nothing they can do about it. If the military tries to attack them, they either get their attack deflected back at them, due to some really advanced karmic shield that is beyond our understanding, or the weapons are disabled before they can be used to fire at the ufos. It has to be noted ufos never attack first, it is always the military who attacks first, I believe as well that the ufos sometimes disable aircraft weapons to stop the pilots hurting themselves.
 I also wonder if some of these scary stories about ufos i.e. the creepy stories about the greys, preying mantis aliens and reptoids are actually deliberate disinformation created by our intelligence services to make us afraid of ufos and to think of them as our enemy.
The truth I believe is they are just trying to stop us destroying ourselves… they don’t want to interfere too much, only when our violence gets too extreme or there is a threat we will use nuclear weapons again… who knows, I thought this was an interesting episode though, got me thinking… as you can probably tell (:

Is This The End of The World?

It feels like the end of the world. Either that or the world is going completely mad.
All this neverending war. The government and the mental right wing element in the labour party, you know the folk who are convinced the only way to win an election is to be evil like the tories & won’t hear of anything else, well they all plan to vote in favour of attempting to stop the crisis of refugees fleeing bombs, by dropping more bombs on their country.
The government still wants to continue with austerity despite many financial experts warning that we are on the brink of another global recession like the one that happened in 2008.
People who are in poverty are being told there’s no such thing & the disturbing xenophobia on the rise in much of the world is like something out of the 1930s.
Meanwhile we have lost half of all the life in the oceans since the 1970’s, rhinos and elephants are close to extinction because people want to use their ivory because they think it works like viagra.
The rainforest is still being cut down.
The UK government chooses to stop subsidizing renewable clean energy and instead subsidize fossil fuels.
Something like 70% of all seabirds have plastic in their stomach, which is slowly killing them, because it prevents them being able to digest their food and causes malnourishment. Seems almost everything in the ocean is eating our plastic waste, and this is getting past on in the food chain back to humans, so that humans are eating plastic now too.
Fukushima is still spewing it’s radioactive waste water into the Pacific ocean, and after 4 years of this, and not having a clue how to fix the problem. Japan announces it wants to build another nuclear power station; and so does George Osbourne, he wants to get the Chinese to build ours cheaply.
Parts of the world are experiencing brutal drought & storms which is most likely due to climate change. Volkswagon have been decieving the world into thinking their cars were pumping out cleaner emissions when in fact they weren’t and we’ve all been breathing in that crap.
Homelessness is on the rise, and homeless people are becoming the victims of hate crime. They are getting beaten up, urinated on and having their sleeping bags set on fire. In some parts of America it is against the law to give money or food to a homeless person.
The cost of housing is extortionate and so is the cost of a mortgage.
Many people all round the world are starving whilst supermarkets throw away food in padlocked skips that have gone past their shelf date.
Some people have billions of pounds, and decide the best use for all that money is to keep it hidden in a tax haven whilst many parts of the world could benefit from that money, it could be used to help the environment, third world countries, ensure everyone has food, clean water and a shelter without damaging the planet.
People in Beijing have been sitting in a 5 day traffic jam.
It is apparently morally wrong to decline to push a fictional red button that would fire a nuclear missile and kill millions of innocent people, according to many right wing people and some of the media.
Any hopes of nuclear disarmament look to be vanishing like a wisp of smoke; and after 50 years we are all still sitting on enough nuclear weapons to completely obliterate all life on Earth and supply a fireworks display for the Martians.
Our government lifts a ban on neonictinoid pesticides that have been conclusively proven now to kill bees and other beneficial insects. It still has a sinister agenda against badgers and vows to frack the heck out of the UK whether the people like it or not, and to reassure the public of it’s safety, it releases a heavily redacted statement; and just to be sure we have nothing to worry about, the government has been campaigning in the EU to relax fracking safety regulations for the industry.
Unemployed & disabled people are close to starvation and suicide because of benefit sanctions; and working people are close to starvation as well because of low wages, high living costs and now a cut to working tax credit which will leave many over a grand worse off every year.
So yeah lets go bomb Syria, I’m sure it will make everything alright.
I could go on and on, but I expect your tired of listening to me bleating about the problems of the world. I’ve been called a bleeding heart liberal, a dick and a dull person that noone likes because of my views, I’m sure a few more insults won’t hurt.
So is this the end of the world or are we all going completely nuts?

The Tip of The Iceberg

Some good news, Shell have pulled out of drilling for oil in the Arctic. They say it is because there isn’t enough oil there to make it worth their while.

Maybe things are changing for the better.

I honestly don’t know if there is a God, & if there is what God is; but I keep praying & when things like this happen it gives me hope & makes me feel there might be something.

I sometimes wonder if all life is connected. That maybe we all share a universal unconscious mind, & that maybe that is what God is. I wonder if the intelligence behind evolution is the hidden hand of the subconscious.

If all our minds are connected unconsciously on a quantum level, our thoughts maybe do affect one another & by praying for those who do bad stuff, praying for them to find the light & turn away from darkness, it can bring about change from deep within the human psyche.

Our conscious mind is only a small part of who we are. The tip of the iceberg.

Who knows, I’m probably just talking philosophical  b#ll#cks.

Great news about the Arctic though.

We Need to Reboot the System

Mass surveillance is an assault on people’s rights to personal space & privacy. We are getting dangerously close to the thought police, & that is scary, the state policing how we think is something to be very frightened of. There appears to be no clear term for what an extremist is. Could I be considered an extremist because of my views on fracking & corporations? If a person disagrees with the government’s stance on fracking, will they be labelled extremists & will the state go after them? We are heading into a world of censorship where the government will have the power & surveillance tools to go after anyone it basically doesn’t like & wants to silence – and people don’t seem to care.

It isn’t just this that I’m finding frustrating, it’s the public’s obssession with jobs & the economy. This madness will be our downfall. The workplace is becoming increasingly automated, jobs are going to decrease not increase & we really need to stop believing GDP & building a strong economy is the only way to do things. With automation the wealth will be even more concentrated into the hands of a few, much more so than it is now, & there will be mass poverty everywhere; but even more disturbing: our capitalism, our industry is poisoning & killing the planet. There is strong evidence that points to this current crisis in the Middle East & the refugees fleeing to Europe as being a direct consequence of climate change.

Syria experienced a long drought that caused crops to fail. Assad wouldn’t help the Syrian people & in 2011 there was an uprising.


The West supplied the rebels with weapons & training to help them overthrow Assad. Unfortunately many of these rebels became a part of ISIS

ISIS invaded Iraq. We left Iraq in a broken weak state with a poorly trained inexperienced army to defend it. The Iraqi army fled when ISIS attacked, & these victories gave ISIS more troops, weapons & an oil well that supplied them with an income to purchase more weapons.

We pretty much did the same thing to Libya. We also left it in a sorry unstable state after we finished our bombing campaign, & now Libya is like Hell on Earth.

If anything this should be a lesson to us to not stupidly follow America’s childish gun ho approach to the Middle East, it causes more problems than it tries to solve.

If you study the history & you go back far enough there is a direct link to the current problems in Syria being attributable to climate change; and this should serve as a warning to us all to take it seriously.

This refugee crisis is just the beginning, unless we radically change our ways & stop polluting the planet, there will be more wars & more drought & more refugees.

This blinkered obsession with jobs & the economy is going to be our downfall. Economic growth & GDP speeds up climate change. The more things we produce, the more hours we work, the faster we go towards the edge of the cliff like lemmings.

We need to seriously think about building a new & better eco friendly socially inclusive system if we want peace & security.

Capitalism creates inequality & inequality creates war. However all this is meaningless if we don’t stop polluting the earth, we need to work on becoming more eco friendly, end fossil fuel consumption, stop producing so much waste, plant more trees, work in harmony with the eco systems that we have on earth, not just for their survival, but our survival.

When we have got this part right, then we need to build a more equal fairer society, that doesn’t concentrate all the wealth & power in one place but shares it equally. I’m not talking about communism here, so many people think that all there is is two choices, capitalism or communism, but that’s nonsense, the amount of systems we can create is only limited by our imagination to think them up.

We all need to take this seriously, this current system we have in place is unsustainable, we are led without foresight. Politicians continually come up with short term solutions, in the hope it will win them more votes. People don’t want to think about it, it is depressing, but this isn’t a good time for people to be apathetic about the state of the world. It is a mess & that mess is only going to get worse until we all find the courage to change the system.

Capitalism has failed, it is a broken useless corrupt system that is leading us on a path to extinction. We need to come together & build something new.

The problem is convincing the majority of people to want this change. Most people don’t seem to give a frack. They care more about the latest iPhone & the X factor than they do about their own survival. It is a huge task to somehow educate the majority of people & help them to see what’s really going on & what is at stake & why it is so f#cking important that people start caring.

When the majority of us come together with a common purpose there is no greater political force on Earth. This doesn’t need to be violence, just a huge number of us putting pressure on our governments to change, putting pressure on corrupt corporations to do the right thing by boycotting their products & services.

The huge problem we have today is apathy & getting people to care enough to want to change & build a better world.