Transhuman Dream

I had a weird sci-fi dream. It was set in the not too distant future. There was another catastrophic economic collapse, worse than the credit crunch of 2007.

I was asked if I wanted an implant by someone who was a friend. It would make my mind an unauthorized access into the hive, meaning my mind would be independent but part of the hive, giving me the ability to not be controlled by the autonomous programs, I would be like a virus, or a Trojan, but a part human one.

The people at the top were completely crazy. They no longer thought of themselves as human, but God’s. They had merged with the machine. They had gained artificial  immortality & the mass surveillance gave them artificial omnipresence.. They demanded absolute obedience & worship from the other trans humans, who hadn’t been upgraded to the same level as the top, but had special abilities & privileges to carry out the orders, these people were referred to as angels.

The singularity had been about eugenics all along. They had been over the course of the 21st century grabbing as much wealth as they could to develop robotic & cybernetic technology, but didn’t plan on sharing their technological Godhod with the rest of us. They reduced our numbers via an autonomous computer system & it decided which one of us would live or die based on certain criteria it had been programmed to look for. They reduced our numbers in different ways. Through poisoning, starvation & eventually autonomous killer robots that killed anyone who didn’t fit the criteria to be allowed to live. Those that weren’t killed but refused to be integrated into the machine were either killed or became outcasts with little hope of survival cause it was hard to survive off a poisoned landscape. Some would then accept the changes necessary to become part of the machine. They had the worst fate of all, some parts of their flesh were cut away & replaced with mods, they were lobotomized & lost their free will, they became extensions & playthings of the transhumanist Gods. Some humans were left untouched & kept as pets.

I only had an evening to decide if I wanted this implant. It involved some offputting cutting away of the flesh & parts of my brain to add it. In the end I declined to have any part of my brain cut away, I couldn’t go through with it. They put the implant in anyway, but not in the way they wanted. It meant I could only partially use my new abilities & the scientist was a bit cross I wouldn’t give consent to have the full procedure done, as it was a high grade chip & rare, but then said it was too late now, it was in & couldn’t be removed without either damaging me or the expensive chip.

I think I was part of a small group of survivors who had managed to source some of the high level tech & changed & reprogrammed it to be able to invade the God net & infect it like part human, part robot viruses. It was dangerous, & if you got caught you would be found & disintegrated by the autonomous killer robots, or on some occasions the Gods themselves would hunt these people for sport.

I started feeling guilty for not going through with the full upgrade which involved cutting away part of my brain, as the chip I had been given was a good one & I felt regret that my fear of losing a part of who I was had wasted a rare & valuable chip, which could have been given to someone else . There was nothing I could do though, it was too late, so I set out to try & discover my new abilities, I started waking up at this point… have a vague memory.. the chip had a connection to the satellites which meant I could see where everything was instantly & could move objects & control robots, but I was still terra firma & most of me was part of the physical world & not in the machine because I had declined to go through with the full upgrade… woke up then & wrote it all down so I wouldn’t forget.. might make a good short story.