Stick to the Path

I’m still seeing Buddhas everywhere in almost every thing I look at. A side effect of the hour long meditation I did yesterday. I feel a bit euphoric, perhaps even a wee bit trippy – I am trying not to get attached to this pleasant mental state, as I’m guessing it is also part of the Maya self. It could be the ego trying to distract me from meditation practise with nice hallucinations. I watch, without thinking, It is insane that a part of my mind is working against me like this, I don’t fight it though, it isn’t really my enemy, it is a mental illness that I can hopefully sort out if I just keep walking this path…



2 thoughts on “Stick to the Path

  1. Don’t get caught up in mysticism; that’s why those groups never accomplish anything in the world. Meditation is tinkering with the machinations of the mind – you’re messing with the parts of a machine.

    Don’t be surprised if it therefore behaves differently. And if 1 hour is doing that to you, and you’re so dramatically out of touch with what’s going on, slow down.


  2. The hallucinations have stopped now. I know the Maya self can be tricky. I believe after some reflection that what I saw was my mind interpreting a truth. The truth being there is a Buddha in everyone and everything.


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