Some Thoughts on The Book of Revelation

revelationHere’s some religious thoughts I had just now after meditating a little. I was thinking about the book of revelation and some bits suddenly started to make a tiny bit of sense to me, I know most people hate religion which is fair enough, just skip the following blurb if you are one of those people:

I believe that the Beast of revelation could be unfettered capitalism. The number of the beast, is the number of man, mankind is symbolized by a six pointed star in the kabbala I think. It isn’t a specific person, it is mankind in general. So the beast is a creation of man. Capitalism is a system created by man; and it is losing all it’s regulations now, the red tape and important checks and balances that stop greed going out of control are set to be removed by the new trans Atlantic trade deals. With these deals, corporations will have power over our governments, nations will lose their sovereignty due to the investor state dispute mechanism in all these trade deals. This will mean big corporations will basically be able to do what they like to us and the planet. These transnational trade deals are basically rubber stamping this corporate takeover. The EU one is called TTIP. Governments for a long time have basically had their strings pulled by corporations, but these new trade deals will make this official.

I believe the mark of the Beast is this:

The mark on the forehead symbolizes your thoughts, your mind. The mark on your right hand symbolizes the work that you do, your actions.

Do you think good or evil thoughts or have good or evil intentions? Do you do good or evil works?

Therefore at some point in the future according to the book of revelation there will be a time when no one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast. Basically if you want to eat, you will have to do evil to survive, you will have to agree to evil laws and obey them. It isn’t a physical mark, it won’t be any microchip or implant, I believe it is symbolic, a metaphor. (I could be wrong, this is just me speculating on the meaning, however it does say somewhere that nothing that goes into a man will make him impure, it is what comes out of a man which makes him impure, i.e. words and deeds.)

An example might be you are a journalist, you work for a big media corporation. You discover that what you are reporting is a lie to mislead people and stir them into supporting evil acts. So you decide to report the truth; Or you interview a member of the government and ask them a difficult question that catches out their lies.

Later your employer tells you off and tells you never to do that again or you will lose your job & this could mean you never get another job in media. You worry because you have an expensive mortgage or rent to pay, you have a family, to lose your job would mean you struggle to make ends meet. Even though you can see and understand now the evil, you turn a blind eye to it, do not speak out against it and continue to mislead the public and manipulate them.

Imagine if you see a person suffering, but the law forbids you from helping that person, a homeless person for example or a refugee; if you disobey, you may lose your job and as a result of committing a criminal offence you may struggle to gain employment again, you might even be sent to prison. So you do not help that person, you harden your heart to justify your actions to your conscience. The more you do this, the colder and harder your heart becomes, till there comes a point you no longer care about the suffering of others, as long as you’re alright and have money you are fine.

Or some people may not care at all and happily do evil with no conscience or feeling.

You become a part of this evil by not speaking out, by choosing not to help those who are suffering.

If enough people chose not to obey evil laws or rules, the laws would not be enforceable. It is only when we willingly give our consent and surrender our power that these things are allowed to continue. We are manipulated into behaving in a negative way through fear.

Fear divides us, when communities are divided against one another they are weak, they cannot unite and make a stand against the evil in the world. Propaganda tries to trick us into thinking in a certain way & into dividing us and giving our power to the government. A manmade institution controlled by corporations, corporations who worship capitalism, capitalism which when unregulated becomes a terrible Beast driven mad by greed, greed which corrupts and taints and consumes the Earth and tries to gain dominion over it, commits terrible crimes against life.

Either way both types of people have accepted the mark of the Beast & are given many opportunities to repent, to change. They are given an opportunity to repent and change when they see that what they are doing is evil. Repeatedly refusing to change makes you grow cold and hard inside, till eventually you are lost and only the painful burning away of all those layers will free your soul from the cold hard shell it has constructed around it. Like one of those seeds that will only germinate and sprout once it’s outer layer has been burnt through fire.

I think the wrath of God, the seven seals, is symbolic of us reaping what we sow. All the damage and destruction we have wrought on the earth. All our pollution will come back at us. Whether it is through terrible earthquakes, floods, through industrial poisoning of the drinking water, there could be sickness and disease brought on by our pollution. Drought causing crops to fail, great storms causing crops to fail and causing damage to our infrastructure, deforestation, degradation of the soil, these terrible things are brought about by our greed which causes pollution, which poisons the earth, sky, rivers and oceans and causes climate change and a mass extinction event. These things are all caused by the actions of man, not God. The seven bowls of wrath are symbolic of the destruction we bring upon ourselves, it is the consequences of our actions.

Not too sure about the rest, the parts about war are pretty obvious to most people I think. When you read it, you have to understand the symbolism, it isn’t meant to be taken literally, it is a metaphor.

Just my thoughts on this anyway, I could be totally wrong…

seven trumpets

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