Why Greed is a Bad Thing

I’m not against capitalism, capitalism is OK in my book as long as it doesn’t end up with a small percentage of people owning most of the wealth. Which is what is happening today.

Greed is a bad thing for everyone, when there are high levels of inequality, it creates unhappiness, and when there is unhappiness and a lack of kindness in communities, then society breaks down.

People will only take so much sh#t before they get angry, & they will rise up; there will be something which will be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back and we will end up with a civil war. It is what has happened throughout history when very rich families try to hoard the wealth for themselves. It happened in France with the French revolution, it happened here with the peasants revolt, it happened in Russia with the October revolution.

Nobody wants that, but if greed continues unchecked this will be the inevitable outcome for a society. These wealthy elites can create a totalitarian police state to protect themselves, which is probably what will happen, but it won’t last, it will fall. They all fall in the end. When people feel desperate, they will feel they have nothing to lose by rising up against the establishment.

No person needs billions of pounds. It is just daft, it’s a ridiculous amount of money for one person to have. You don’t even need multi millions.

Capitalism has just got silly now, if we want capitalism to survive, we need to learn to share and ensure everyone  in society has an equal chance in life. The money is there to do this, there’s more than enough wealth in the world for every single person on the planet to live comfortable lives.

Nobody in this day and age should be sleeping rough on the streets or queueing up to get food from a foodbank.

I think we really need someone like Jeremy Corbyn to bring back balance and kindness in society, because at the moment things are precariously hanging over the edge of a bleak looking precipice, things have gone too far to the right…


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