Atheist or Theist, Does it Matter?

Not sure what I am, I’m neither a theist or an atheist. There’s a lot of stuff in this universe that is a mystery to us. We base everything on a tiny fraction of the light we observe.

I don’t know if any of this is real.

Quantum mechanics is fascinating stuff. Recently learned our sense of smell uses quantum mechanics, and I’m still trying to get my head round how that works.

There’s lots of mysteries out there, we are only really looking at a tiny part of the universe; in the tiny part we look at, a lot of stuff happens that can’t be explained.

Who knows if there’s a God or not. We have no evidence either way. All we have is faith, whether it’s faith in science or faith in something supernatural.

If there is a God, then one question is, where did God come from?

If there is no God, then where did quarks come from?

If both answers are the same, that they just are, & they’ve always existed & nothing created them, then that isn’t a satisfying answer to either question imo.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you don’t force your beliefs onto others and try to make them conform to your way of thinking.

You don’t have to believe in God to show compassion, empathy or kindness.

The world is a better place when we’re nice to one another, you don’t have to follow a religion to do that.


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