In a completely random fashion; my thoughts turned to the topic of reincarnation.

I tried to find in my limited CPU of a brain, a theory that sounds at least quasi possible and perhaps a wee bit believable.

Nobody knows what happens when we die. People have had near death experiences, but from what I gather the brain can continue to function even after the heart has stopped beating, and if that person is being given artificial resucitation, then the brain will still be alive.

So the different experiences people have after their heart stops beating for a short time, even the ones where people experience a sudden blackness then nothing, these are not necessarily what happens. The only way to really know is if the brain dies, but if that happens you’re not going to be coming back to tell anyone anyway. So what happens when we die is a complete mystery.

The hadrons that have come together to make our bodies don’t die, they carry on. Our matter will decay but the hadrons will be dispersed into the universe.

So I was thinking maybe what happens is, when we die it feels like going to sleep; & maybe we wake up again but as a different person or organism with no memory of any life we may have lived previously.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of years could pass by from our death, and by some unexplained mechanism (yeah this is the dodgy part of the theory,) those hadrons that were scattered after our death somehow reunite again to form a brand new living organism and we wake up and become conscious again.

Even though hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of years have passed, for us it will feel like no time has passed at all, it will feel exactly like going to sleep and waking up again. The difference will be we are waking up this time with no memory of who or what we were before we fell asleep (died.)

A bit deep for a Thursday, but I don’t care, I like thinking about this sort of stuff (:


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