Canada is about to Legalize Cannabis

Well that’s Canada about to legalize cannabis, good on them.

I’m beginning to think Britain will be the last stubborn domino to fall, I mean people in our parliament still wear wigs from the Georgian times, the UK doesn’t like change & they like the old fashioned authoritarianism our lot do.

If I could afford to, which will never happen unless I win the lottery or something, which kind of makes this an irrelevant rant, but if I could, and I had the dosh to support myself. I think I would probably leave the UK and move to either Canada or Colorado.

I’m sick of this stupid war on drugs, that criminalizes people for using a herb. It’s a flipping plant, it’s never killed anyone in 5000 years of human use, it has lots of medicinal properties, and yeah it gets people high, but so what? Why is it a crime for people to get high? What’s the big deal anyway, especially if it causes no physical harm.

Alcohol gets people high, not a particularly pleasant high, granted, but it’s still a high; and we don’t have a problem with that, alcohol can kill you if you have too much, it can send you to hospital and can cause violent behaviour. None of that happens if you take too much cannabis.

The UK government should at least legalize it’s use for medical reasons. The amount of people suffering from so many different illnesses that this plant has helped shouldn’t be ignored. It’s just stupid politics now and possibly lobbying by the alcohol and pharmaceutical industry.

I think denying sick people the use of a herb which helps them feel better & making them criminals for using it; is just cruel & I think it goes against our human rights.

But this rant does nothing to change that, Britain seems to like it’s hateful authoritarian crap, & I don’t see that changing anytime soon. it will probably be the last country in the world to see sense on this issue, at least while this lot of MPs are in charge and newspapers like the Daily Mail still influence public opinion.

While this stupid war against a plant continues, many people, particularly sick people will continue to be criminalized for using an ancient herbal remedy that hurts noone and can help many people feel relief from many different illnesses… and if it gets them a bit high, so what? It’s not like being ill is much fun, what’s the big deal if they have a psychedelic experience? Sure beats the hell out of feeling sorry for yourself, feeling miserable and being in pain.


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