What is an Extremist?

Today we had one of the most chilling speeches ever to come out of the mouth of a prime minister:

This is McCarthyism, it is an attack on freedom of speech and on freedom of thought.

It is the trojan horse that is the beginning of the thought police.

And the fact this speech took place at a school is the creepy icing on the Orwellian cake, because the government wants to spy on our kids and make schools the centre for rooting out extremists.

The thing is no matter how much the government are questioned about this, they will never give a clear answer on what an extremist is, they deliberately avoid giving a direct answer to the question, and come out with woolly statements. This whole new counter terrorism strategy is vague, and even folk who understand jargon, struggle to understand what the government’s definition of an extremist is.

Watch here how the home secretary Theresa May avoids giving a direct answer to John Humphries when he asks her what an extremist is:

Then read this article published by the Daily Mail, on how police went to a school in Yorkshire and spoke about how under this new legislation, people who protest against fracking could be labelled as extremists; and see how this sinister piece of legislation can be abused by the establishment:


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