We’re The Boss

Why do we let politicians lie to us & break their promises when they get into power? Why is there never any repercussions when they break the law and commit criminal acts?
They are there to serve us, we are not there to serve them. People should not cower in fear of them, their authority is meaningless, the only authority they have is what we give them.
Don’t be afraid to call out their bullsh#t. If you speak the truth, it will cut through their lies and deception. So call it out when you see it and don’t be afraid to do so. The more people who do, the weaker their illusion over us becomes.
 People need to stand up and fight for what is right, enough is enough, if the government we elect fails to do the job we employ them for, then we should demand their resignation.
This whole system works because we comply. If the whole country or at least a large majority of the population decided to simply take a day off, if they just stayed at home and did nothing, it would bring these criminals to their knees.

That is what we should do when our elected government breaks their promises, oppresses us, commits crimes against us; or if our government supports any country who commit crimes against humanity. We should not tolerate it.

People are the boss, and we should all stop being afraid and show them whose boss.

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