Why Greed is a Bad Thing

I’m not against capitalism, capitalism is OK in my book as long as it doesn’t end up with a small percentage of people owning most of the wealth. Which is what is happening today.

Greed is a bad thing for everyone, when there are high levels of inequality, it creates unhappiness, and when there is unhappiness and a lack of kindness in communities, then society breaks down.

People will only take so much sh#t before they get angry, & they will rise up; there will be something which will be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back and we will end up with a civil war. It is what has happened throughout history when very rich families try to hoard the wealth for themselves. It happened in France with the French revolution, it happened here with the peasants revolt, it happened in Russia with the October revolution.

Nobody wants that, but if greed continues unchecked this will be the inevitable outcome for a society. These wealthy elites can create a totalitarian police state to protect themselves, which is probably what will happen, but it won’t last, it will fall. They all fall in the end. When people feel desperate, they will feel they have nothing to lose by rising up against the establishment.

No person needs billions of pounds. It is just daft, it’s a ridiculous amount of money for one person to have. You don’t even need multi millions.

Capitalism has just got silly now, if we want capitalism to survive, we need to learn to share and ensure everyone  in society has an equal chance in life. The money is there to do this, there’s more than enough wealth in the world for every single person on the planet to live comfortable lives.

Nobody in this day and age should be sleeping rough on the streets or queueing up to get food from a foodbank.

I think we really need someone like Jeremy Corbyn to bring back balance and kindness in society, because at the moment things are precariously hanging over the edge of a bleak looking precipice, things have gone too far to the right…


Atheist or Theist, Does it Matter?

Not sure what I am, I’m neither a theist or an atheist. There’s a lot of stuff in this universe that is a mystery to us. We base everything on a tiny fraction of the light we observe.

I don’t know if any of this is real.

Quantum mechanics is fascinating stuff. Recently learned our sense of smell uses quantum mechanics, and I’m still trying to get my head round how that works.

There’s lots of mysteries out there, we are only really looking at a tiny part of the universe; in the tiny part we look at, a lot of stuff happens that can’t be explained.

Who knows if there’s a God or not. We have no evidence either way. All we have is faith, whether it’s faith in science or faith in something supernatural.

If there is a God, then one question is, where did God come from?

If there is no God, then where did quarks come from?

If both answers are the same, that they just are, & they’ve always existed & nothing created them, then that isn’t a satisfying answer to either question imo.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you don’t force your beliefs onto others and try to make them conform to your way of thinking.

You don’t have to believe in God to show compassion, empathy or kindness.

The world is a better place when we’re nice to one another, you don’t have to follow a religion to do that.


In a completely random fashion; my thoughts turned to the topic of reincarnation.

I tried to find in my limited CPU of a brain, a theory that sounds at least quasi possible and perhaps a wee bit believable.

Nobody knows what happens when we die. People have had near death experiences, but from what I gather the brain can continue to function even after the heart has stopped beating, and if that person is being given artificial resucitation, then the brain will still be alive.

So the different experiences people have after their heart stops beating for a short time, even the ones where people experience a sudden blackness then nothing, these are not necessarily what happens. The only way to really know is if the brain dies, but if that happens you’re not going to be coming back to tell anyone anyway. So what happens when we die is a complete mystery.

The hadrons that have come together to make our bodies don’t die, they carry on. Our matter will decay but the hadrons will be dispersed into the universe.

So I was thinking maybe what happens is, when we die it feels like going to sleep; & maybe we wake up again but as a different person or organism with no memory of any life we may have lived previously.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of years could pass by from our death, and by some unexplained mechanism (yeah this is the dodgy part of the theory,) those hadrons that were scattered after our death somehow reunite again to form a brand new living organism and we wake up and become conscious again.

Even though hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of years have passed, for us it will feel like no time has passed at all, it will feel exactly like going to sleep and waking up again. The difference will be we are waking up this time with no memory of who or what we were before we fell asleep (died.)

A bit deep for a Thursday, but I don’t care, I like thinking about this sort of stuff (:

Fortean Texts

Interesting stuff, if like me you are into mysteries:


In the early twentieth century Charles Fort put together great quantities of exhaustively documented ‘puzzling evidence.’ This is data which science is unable or unwilling to explain, such as rains of fish or blood, mysterious animals, or manufactured artifacts in deep strata. Whilst mining in Africa, and drilling very deep down into the earth, some miners discovered handmade artifacts. The strata carbon dated to be billions of years old, humans are millions of years old, so where did these artifacts come from?

If you like having your preconceptions about stuff twisted & turned upside down, these texts are really fascinating.

Canada is about to Legalize Cannabis

Well that’s Canada about to legalize cannabis, good on them.

I’m beginning to think Britain will be the last stubborn domino to fall, I mean people in our parliament still wear wigs from the Georgian times, the UK doesn’t like change & they like the old fashioned authoritarianism our lot do.

If I could afford to, which will never happen unless I win the lottery or something, which kind of makes this an irrelevant rant, but if I could, and I had the dosh to support myself. I think I would probably leave the UK and move to either Canada or Colorado.

I’m sick of this stupid war on drugs, that criminalizes people for using a herb. It’s a flipping plant, it’s never killed anyone in 5000 years of human use, it has lots of medicinal properties, and yeah it gets people high, but so what? Why is it a crime for people to get high? What’s the big deal anyway, especially if it causes no physical harm.

Alcohol gets people high, not a particularly pleasant high, granted, but it’s still a high; and we don’t have a problem with that, alcohol can kill you if you have too much, it can send you to hospital and can cause violent behaviour. None of that happens if you take too much cannabis.

The UK government should at least legalize it’s use for medical reasons. The amount of people suffering from so many different illnesses that this plant has helped shouldn’t be ignored. It’s just stupid politics now and possibly lobbying by the alcohol and pharmaceutical industry.

I think denying sick people the use of a herb which helps them feel better & making them criminals for using it; is just cruel & I think it goes against our human rights.

But this rant does nothing to change that, Britain seems to like it’s hateful authoritarian crap, & I don’t see that changing anytime soon. it will probably be the last country in the world to see sense on this issue, at least while this lot of MPs are in charge and newspapers like the Daily Mail still influence public opinion.

While this stupid war against a plant continues, many people, particularly sick people will continue to be criminalized for using an ancient herbal remedy that hurts noone and can help many people feel relief from many different illnesses… and if it gets them a bit high, so what? It’s not like being ill is much fun, what’s the big deal if they have a psychedelic experience? Sure beats the hell out of feeling sorry for yourself, feeling miserable and being in pain.

What is an Extremist?

Today we had one of the most chilling speeches ever to come out of the mouth of a prime minister:

This is McCarthyism, it is an attack on freedom of speech and on freedom of thought.

It is the trojan horse that is the beginning of the thought police.

And the fact this speech took place at a school is the creepy icing on the Orwellian cake, because the government wants to spy on our kids and make schools the centre for rooting out extremists.

The thing is no matter how much the government are questioned about this, they will never give a clear answer on what an extremist is, they deliberately avoid giving a direct answer to the question, and come out with woolly statements. This whole new counter terrorism strategy is vague, and even folk who understand jargon, struggle to understand what the government’s definition of an extremist is.

Watch here how the home secretary Theresa May avoids giving a direct answer to John Humphries when he asks her what an extremist is:

Then read this article published by the Daily Mail, on how police went to a school in Yorkshire and spoke about how under this new legislation, people who protest against fracking could be labelled as extremists; and see how this sinister piece of legislation can be abused by the establishment:


We’re The Boss

Why do we let politicians lie to us & break their promises when they get into power? Why is there never any repercussions when they break the law and commit criminal acts?
They are there to serve us, we are not there to serve them. People should not cower in fear of them, their authority is meaningless, the only authority they have is what we give them.
Don’t be afraid to call out their bullsh#t. If you speak the truth, it will cut through their lies and deception. So call it out when you see it and don’t be afraid to do so. The more people who do, the weaker their illusion over us becomes.
 People need to stand up and fight for what is right, enough is enough, if the government we elect fails to do the job we employ them for, then we should demand their resignation.
This whole system works because we comply. If the whole country or at least a large majority of the population decided to simply take a day off, if they just stayed at home and did nothing, it would bring these criminals to their knees.

That is what we should do when our elected government breaks their promises, oppresses us, commits crimes against us; or if our government supports any country who commit crimes against humanity. We should not tolerate it.

People are the boss, and we should all stop being afraid and show them whose boss.