The Tip of The Iceberg

Some good news, Shell have pulled out of drilling for oil in the Arctic. They say it is because there isn’t enough oil there to make it worth their while.

Maybe things are changing for the better.

I honestly don’t know if there is a God, & if there is what God is; but I keep praying & when things like this happen it gives me hope & makes me feel there might be something.

I sometimes wonder if all life is connected. That maybe we all share a universal unconscious mind, & that maybe that is what God is. I wonder if the intelligence behind evolution is the hidden hand of the subconscious.

If all our minds are connected unconsciously on a quantum level, our thoughts maybe do affect one another & by praying for those who do bad stuff, praying for them to find the light & turn away from darkness, it can bring about change from deep within the human psyche.

Our conscious mind is only a small part of who we are. The tip of the iceberg.

Who knows, I’m probably just talking philosophical  b#ll#cks.

Great news about the Arctic though.


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