Blood moon, Mars & Human Kindness

Been feeling really unwell, spent a fair bit of time in bed. Been reading a series of books called The Hunger Games, I bought them a while ago, but never read them, until now.

It is an exciting discovery announced today that Mars may have flowing water. I am worried though that if we interfere with the planet too much we may unintentionally mess up a delicate eco system, if people ever go to Mars there needs to be a way to stop us accidentally introducing our own bacteria & vice versa. That’s if there’s life of course, which there may not be.

I hope when we go to Mars we don’t do the silly sticking a flag in the ground routine. Flags are silly things, & I hope we don’t bring our childish ideas of land ownership into space with us, we probably will, but maybe we’ll have grown out of that immature stuff by then.

A lot of talk about the blood moon last night. I woke up in the night & went to have a look, but there was a haze of cloud in the way & it just looked like a partially darkened moon with no red colour, was a bit of an anti climax for us anyway. I don’t believe it symbolizes anything sinister or portends to a coming doom like some folk do. I am not a superstitious person, it is something now explained by physics, I understand why in times gone by before we discovered what the stars & the solar system was we would have seen it as an ominous sign, but in this day and age it is just simply an eclipsed super moon & depending where you live in the world it may have looked awesome. It was a bit boring here, the moon wasn’t even particularly big, just looked normal size to me, but in some parts of the world it did look cool.

I just try my best to live in the moment. I do have a bit of foresight, & I mean a bit, but it is a tricky thing to get into. It can be easy to follow different strands based on probability, current events, & facts; which can all lead to slightly different futures, but I don’t believe anything is set in stone. The future is often full of surprises, & we don’t all have to be heading to a mass dystopia if we don’t want to be. We can change our future by changing what we do in the now. By choosing to follow our hearts, not giving in to hate & fear, by shining our light, expressing empathy, you don’t have to believe in God or be religious to do this. Things like human kindness, sharing & compassion aren’t just expressions of theism. Everyone can do these things, you don’t have to be spiritual or follow a religion, kindness is like a glue which bonds our communities closer together & makes people feel happy. I think it is a necessary trait for our survival. Communities built on love, trust & forgiveness do better than those that are based on things like every man for himself, division & an eye for an eye. We evolved to be kind cause it makes our social bonds stronger, that’s why the brain releases oxycotin when we are kind to reward us by making us feel good.

Some people apparently can’t feel empathy, but they can feel sympathy, & they can still feel love. It may be harder for them to do so. Yet they can still choose to be kind instead of hateful. Can choose to show mercy. Society is better when we elevate these traits above others.

We’re all given a plot of land to till, & some folks have Rockier ground to work with than others. We all just have to do the best we can with what we’ve got & not look down on or get self righteous if someone else’s garden isn’t quite as fruitful as ours.

We can all choose to share instead of hoard.  At the end of the day nothing you buy in this world will last, not even your savings will last. Your wealth doesn’t go with you when you die. If you have a lot of money, then that’s a great chance to use it to do some good in the world, it can be used to help the environment, to fund &  invent ways to end pollution, help end poverty & create a more equal society where no one has to go hungry, freeze or be without a shelter. There are many ways money can be used to achieve these goals, It can be used to help  those who have nothing, someone with much wealth can use that to spread a light, not a corrupt darkness.

Everyone has a choice, & it’s the choices we make now that shape the future. Follow your heart & use your will to choose the destiny you want, not one that you feel is forced upon you. Nothing is hopeless & no one is powerless, just focus on & work with the bit of land you’ve been given however big or small it is, it doesn’t matter, just do what you can, with what you’ve got; lots of small gardens when added together, create a massive garden.

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