The Spasm from Hell

Woke up with the spasm from Hell. I think it may have been the most painful spasm I’ve had yet. I could not get rid of it, even two baclofen tabs wasn’t enough. I tried to find relief, but nothing worked, it lasted for hours. My body is all twisted & contorted today & walking anywhere is a mission. Trying to feed the fish took an intense level of coordinated concentration, trying not to trip over my left foot which is completely numb & I can’t tell when it is making contact with the ground. Gave up trying to get dressed, & just went back to bed. I feel weak, drained & just spent the day in bed drifting in & out of sleep & reading stuff on the internet; not done much musically this week, haven’t felt well enough to do it; trying not to feel depressed & useless, but sometimes I haven’t the will or the energy to stop those feelings.

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