The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Calling b*llshit on the new counter terrorism bill the government wants to push on us.

-What this new draconian bill-

Is really about:

Under this new legislation people who stand up for the environment could be painted with the same brush as a terrorist.

The new bill hasn’t even been passed yet, & already it seems folk who stand up for the environment, the MP Caroline Lucas & people who take part in non-violent protests against fracking are being labelled extremists by police.

Teachers are being asked by the government to spy on their pupils to look for signs of extremism. This is eery & brings to mind the creepy thought police from George Orwell’s ‘1984’ & the Stasi from East Germany before the collapse of the Berlin wall.

Caroline Lucas is apparently under surveillance by the secret service, they think she is a threat to national security because she is opposed to fracking.

What a load of nonsense, Caroline Lucas is no more a threat to national security than my missing sock which mysteriously disappeared in the wash, perhaps my sock has gone to join ISIS or ISIL (or whatever the hell their name currently is.)

Does this mean any group of people with ideas the government doesn’t like, people who don’t share the same views as the government, people who protest, are about to be labelled extremists?

Under the creepy new bill, non violent extremists will be considered the same as terrorists; and the government plans to go after them with the full force of their counter terrorism powers.

Considering how the intelligence services have been making stuff up for decades about phantom terrors to help forward & justify a crazy political agenda. Why did the person interviewing the head of Mi5 on radio 4 last week, not ask for any evidence or details about the alleged foiled terror attacks supposedly stopped because of all this increased invasive mass surveillance?

Are we being lied to again, like we were lied to about the soviet union during the cold war, like we were lied to about Al Queda (a completely made up terrorist organization,) like we were lied to about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction?

Why do they really want to use counter terrorism powers against those they label non violent extremists?

This is worrying stuff, we all need to come together & say no to this, enough is enough.


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