Love Your Enemies?

Watching the various stuff unfolding on the news today, the way people get misquoted to make it look like they said something they didn’t. The way some journalists don’t do their jobs properly. That guy who is the head of Mi5 coming on the radio & saying they needed to increase surveillance, saying that the surveillance of the secret service has stopped 6 terror attacks so far this year. Yet the interviewer didn’t question him about these alleged foiled terror plots. Where’s the evidence to back up the claims? How do we know these aren’t lies?  Like the ones we were told before the Iraq invasion, were we were told Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction. It turned out later this was nothing but a pack of lies to serve an agenda, the most probable agenda being to serve corporate interests, the interests of those oil companies who seem to have no conscience about the damage they are causing to this planet. I try not to hate them though, I try not to hate anyone. These oil barons have gotten too greedy, they are in a sickness of mind that needs healing.

How to heal those who are so far down the dark path? I won’t pretend to be a saint here, part of me doesn’t want to help these people, they are murderers, they have destroyed so much and created so much suffering. Yet when I meditate and let go of the emotions I am feeling. I feel that these people don’t have to walk the dark path, maybe there is still hope for all these corrupt people, perhaps there is a way for them to be brought back to the light.

Do I need faith? I pray for these people all the same, that they too will be awakened from their illusion, that they will find the light again. Nobody is born evil, maybe experiences of life shape us the way we are to an extent, deep down under all the layers we may have built to protect ourselves, I believe we are all the same. We are part of the same life force, life flows through us all.

I think of the end of the Lego movie, where Lord Business is persuaded to let go of evil and return to the light. Sorry to quote a movie again, I just feel it illustrates what I’m trying to say and is a good way to end this blurb.

An eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind. If we could find a way to touch one another’s souls and bring out the light that is in us all, this world could be a place where we are all happy & feel loved. There is more than enough for everyone to live comfortably.

I am trying not to think about doomsday prophecies anymore, I like to think that nothing is set in stone, that the future can be anything. That it doesn’t all have to end badly, that anything is possible & no matter how crazy it gets, things can turn around.

I believe there are other forces at work in the world, and maybe these forces come from the unconscious mind; the other side to us we are not aware of. The ancient part of an animal’s brain that is intelligent & perhaps is the intelligence & driving force behind all evolution. One thing for sure, the unconscious mind exists, no one can deny that. Our subconscious is real and it constantly leaks through into our every day reality; into the world we are conscious of, perhaps sometimes to remind us we don’t know everything & there is more to life than we are led to believe. Sometimes we catch glimpses of it through art, through our dreams,  & the myriad other ways it can influence our waking physical world & there’s no doubt it can help to shape & change it.

So perhaps that is why nobody can ever be in control of anything, they can try, they can stamp down on, oppress, imprison & murder; but there’s always a huge chunk of us that is invisible & does things we are not aware of; this invisible self is also present in the very people doing the stamping and oppressing.

One thing that  I am not sure of, but feels right to me, is maybe we are all connected by the unconscious on some level, perhaps on a quantum one. Like a universal mind we are all a part of. Our sense of smell apparently uses quantum mechanics. It seems the smaller things get the less sense they make & the laws of physics don’t apply on a quantum level, which is really difficult for me to get my head round; I can see what that means, just struggle to describe it in words; but then there’s more to our reality than words.

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