Music III

Couldn’t sleep, so worked on a couple of tracks, getting back into my music. I feel really good about what I’m doing at the moment, feels like a release of stored up energy coming out in a whoosh of different vibes & stories… I feel like I’m making some new progress at last, getting better at sculpturing & seperating the sounds. After reading & watching loads of tutorials on producing music & overdosing on too much information, I became frustrated with a feeling of stagnation & lost patience, I couldn’t get into it anymore, I needed a break.

Then from out of nowhere like a bolt of something I felt the urge to get back to it again.

I think sometimes that long period of stagnation is part of the learning process. Maybe it is the unconscious sorting through all the information, like a computer processor, & when it’s done, you feel a block has been lifted & you can move on.

Metaphor for many things in life – for me anyway.

I seem to be the sort of learner who leaps from one part to the next, instead of steady walking.

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