Are we about to enter Armageddon?

The world is going to Hell. It feels like morals & ethics are becoming inverted & bad things are coming, nay they are already here.

If these are the last days & we’re about to embark on a long & difficult time in history, I believe we have to have courage & hold onto our compassion, if there are bad laws or social pressure to do that which is evil & these laws goes against your soul, you have to stand against that & do the right thing anyway, even if it means disobeying unjust laws, be brave, show love & non-violence even if it means you are put in prison for it or murdered…

I believe there are other forces at work in the world who do not do the will of evil – that gives me hope. Not all is lost,  the Phoenix will rise from the ashes. All empires fall, no matter how powerful they are, nothing lasts.

Pray, meditate & above all show kindness to those you meet, human, plant & animal alike. Don’t fall into the trap of violence or despair. Don’t let what darkness may come in the world take your soul.

Like Gandalf says: ‘No one gets to choose in what times they are born. The only thing we can choose is what to do with the time that is given to is.’

Choose to do good – the good that comes from your heart.


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