Peace on Earth?

The world is getting dark & I have become nothing but a voice crying in the wilderness that nobody particularly likes or wants to listen to.

I have no ability to rally the people & my writing Isn’t particularly good & not many people like me, I have little charisma & influence & I am sick & in poor health – although I really want to do something, to fight the evil & injustice, there is nothing I can do to help this world.

There needs to be some way to snap the people out of their TV eyes, but how that will happen I do not know. Perhaps it will come from a place we are not expecting, or perhaps it won’t happen at all.

Throughout history empires rise & fall & this one won’t be any different. What puzzles me is why the people let it happen in the first place? Why are we so easily manipulated, I know there is fear, but courage is about doing what is right despite your fear.

Why are people so apathetic?

You know I used to wonder how Hitler got so much power over the German people before WWII, how the German people were so easily fooled & let the rise of Nazism happen. I don’t wonder anymore I am seeing it happen before my very eyes in the UK now.

How do those of us that care & long for freedom, convince the rest to care too. If we all came together to make a peaceful stand against this growing tide of corporate  fascism, we could stop the evil that is happening.

But perhaps the world outside is irrelevant, perhaps the real fight is taking place in our hearts. Perhaps the battle has always been about the good & evil within us. Till we resolve this conflict within us, there can be no peace on earth.

Maybe we humans have been judged, we’ve had many chances to put things right throughout history great people have come to inspire us & show us the way, we have their words stored in books & texts online, but have we listened?

No we haven’t, cause evil is still here & it is on the rise again to threaten us all & the majority of people don’t seem to care.

Maybe it is because we are just not ready for peace, not till we have won the fight in our own hearts. Maybe nothing good will happen for a long time. Maybe many of us will now have to endure great hardship till we understand what people like the Buddha, Jesus, Mohhammed & Gandhi were trying to teach us, Till we understand their message, evil will continue to gain momentum in our world & there will be suffering.

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