We Need to Reboot the System

Mass surveillance is an assault on people’s rights to personal space & privacy. We are getting dangerously close to the thought police, & that is scary, the state policing how we think is something to be very frightened of. There appears to be no clear term for what an extremist is. Could I be considered an extremist because of my views on fracking & corporations? If a person disagrees with the government’s stance on fracking, will they be labelled extremists & will the state go after them? We are heading into a world of censorship where the government will have the power & surveillance tools to go after anyone it basically doesn’t like & wants to silence – and people don’t seem to care.

It isn’t just this that I’m finding frustrating, it’s the public’s obssession with jobs & the economy. This madness will be our downfall. The workplace is becoming increasingly automated, jobs are going to decrease not increase & we really need to stop believing GDP & building a strong economy is the only way to do things. With automation the wealth will be even more concentrated into the hands of a few, much more so than it is now, & there will be mass poverty everywhere; but even more disturbing: our capitalism, our industry is poisoning & killing the planet. There is strong evidence that points to this current crisis in the Middle East & the refugees fleeing to Europe as being a direct consequence of climate change.

Syria experienced a long drought that caused crops to fail. Assad wouldn’t help the Syrian people & in 2011 there was an uprising.


The West supplied the rebels with weapons & training to help them overthrow Assad. Unfortunately many of these rebels became a part of ISIS http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/23/us-air-strikes-syra-driving-anti-assad-groups-support-isis.

ISIS invaded Iraq. We left Iraq in a broken weak state with a poorly trained inexperienced army to defend it. The Iraqi army fled when ISIS attacked, & these victories gave ISIS more troops, weapons & an oil well that supplied them with an income to purchase more weapons.

We pretty much did the same thing to Libya. We also left it in a sorry unstable state after we finished our bombing campaign, & now Libya is like Hell on Earth.

If anything this should be a lesson to us to not stupidly follow America’s childish gun ho approach to the Middle East, it causes more problems than it tries to solve.

If you study the history & you go back far enough there is a direct link to the current problems in Syria being attributable to climate change; and this should serve as a warning to us all to take it seriously.

This refugee crisis is just the beginning, unless we radically change our ways & stop polluting the planet, there will be more wars & more drought & more refugees.

This blinkered obsession with jobs & the economy is going to be our downfall. Economic growth & GDP speeds up climate change. The more things we produce, the more hours we work, the faster we go towards the edge of the cliff like lemmings.

We need to seriously think about building a new & better eco friendly socially inclusive system if we want peace & security.

Capitalism creates inequality & inequality creates war. However all this is meaningless if we don’t stop polluting the earth, we need to work on becoming more eco friendly, end fossil fuel consumption, stop producing so much waste, plant more trees, work in harmony with the eco systems that we have on earth, not just for their survival, but our survival.

When we have got this part right, then we need to build a more equal fairer society, that doesn’t concentrate all the wealth & power in one place but shares it equally. I’m not talking about communism here, so many people think that all there is is two choices, capitalism or communism, but that’s nonsense, the amount of systems we can create is only limited by our imagination to think them up.

We all need to take this seriously, this current system we have in place is unsustainable, we are led without foresight. Politicians continually come up with short term solutions, in the hope it will win them more votes. People don’t want to think about it, it is depressing, but this isn’t a good time for people to be apathetic about the state of the world. It is a mess & that mess is only going to get worse until we all find the courage to change the system.

Capitalism has failed, it is a broken useless corrupt system that is leading us on a path to extinction. We need to come together & build something new.

The problem is convincing the majority of people to want this change. Most people don’t seem to give a frack. They care more about the latest iPhone & the X factor than they do about their own survival. It is a huge task to somehow educate the majority of people & help them to see what’s really going on & what is at stake & why it is so f#cking important that people start caring.

When the majority of us come together with a common purpose there is no greater political force on Earth. This doesn’t need to be violence, just a huge number of us putting pressure on our governments to change, putting pressure on corrupt corporations to do the right thing by boycotting their products & services.

The huge problem we have today is apathy & getting people to care enough to want to change & build a better world.


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