Don’t lose sight of the life around you, human & non-human. Don’t ignore the little things, show kindness whenever you can. Things like meditation or Buddhism, the idea of spiritual or meditative practise isn’t to detach yourself from the pain of others; to block out the things which are wrong with the world & live in an insulated bubble of spiritual nonsense.

The Buddha & Jesus they never told people to stop caring about the world around them or ignore it.

Don’t detach yourself from the injustice & suffering happening in the world. Don’t get caught up in petty squabbling about whether something is written in a book or not. Comfort & help those who need it without being self righteous about it or making a big deal of it or expecting anything in return.

You will f#ck up a lot, Don’t beat yourself up for it. Just accept yourself, yeah you messed up. What can you learn from it? Meditate/reflect on what happened & try to gain insight from your experiences.

Fight for the welfare of the natural world. Speak up for those who have less rights than others. Fight against inequality & corruption.

I believe maybe the reason the world is seeming so tough just now is because the old order is collapsing. It may seem like fascism is winning, but actually it is failing, there are other forces at work, not just the will of those who are clutching onto their power like bent broken stalks of straw.

More & more people are starting to see through the bullshit#t & understand there is more to them & life than what the media & politicians tell us.

These old pyramids & institutions are crumbling now, they are desperately trying to hold onto power & will get nasty & unpleasant for a while, their true colours will be plain to see.. there will be the manipulation of fear, but true compassion will blow away the fear. The pyramids will fall, they are already falling.

People are breaking free – the revolution is here now, happening within us. The spirit of truth & love is with us.

The world is changing, life is working through us & we will get our utopia in the end (:

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