A Prayer for the World

A Prayer for the World

Let the fighting stop.
We can be better than this.
No more manipulation
No more cold exploitation of life.

Dismantle your weapons,
Reforge them into tools of peace.

Let the deep wounds of the Earth be healed.
Let life grow again & the storms be settled
Let there be rain where there is drought
Health where there is sickness.

Let all living creatures have a home, food, water, clothes, warmth & shelter.

Let the folk who make rules in their illusory towers, feel empathy where there is none. Let them know compassion & peace. Let those who seek treasure on Earth find the real treasure that is within them, may they let go of their greed & find the true light.

May those who sit at the top of the pyramid find love in their hearts & a new compassionate way of living.

Set us all free, humans, plants & animals alike. Heal the environmental damage caused by our industry.

Help us all free our minds & rediscover life. Real life, the force of life, not the illusory media produced concept.

Those who are in darkness, show them a light.
Those who are hungry & homeless, give them food & shelter.
Those who are anxious & afraid, fill them with peace.

Empower those who feel powerless,
Give a voice to those who don’t have one.

By ‘those’ I mean all living things.

Let the natural balance return. Let our technology be for the good & benefit of all life. Let all wars cease & our politics be about unconditionally sharing what wealth there is with all, whoever, wherever they are. Let all people feel fulfilled & equal, may everyone’s needs be met.

Let there be empathy & peace in the world.

Heal the Earth.

In the name of that which is love.


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