Human Boxes

Was thinking about how certain words & behaviour traits are stigmatized in society. We like to put people in boxes & label them as such & such. We add things like isms, ians, ies, ics & ists at the end.

I know some people who disagree with me on this topic & say they like using labels. Which is fair enough man. These are just my thoughts.

Personally I’m not keen on labels. I think people are more than a narrow media induced definition.

I’m going to use a classic controversial word as an example, something that always evokes feelings of fear & panic in people: psychopath. What is a psychopath?

We automatically assume a psychotic person is dangerous & to be feared. The truth is there are many psychopaths out there who don’t hurt anyone. Just cause someone has psychosis doesn’t mean they’re into evil or manipulative behaviour. Same as someone who uses manipulative behaviour & hurts others isn’t necessarily a psychopath.

Same with the word politician, I automatically feel distrust for politicians. They manipulate, they appear cold hearted, they can show no remorse for the negative consequences of their  behaviour. They are false & disingenuous. Yet I have to ask myself, is every politician the same?

I find it hard to believe that any person is inherently bad or good, we all have a mixture of different personality traits. Yeah we tend to gravitate to certain traits more than others, but is that who we really are? Do we really have to be stuck in boxes & labelled as such & such. Consciousness is more than that, & not just the conscious consciousness but the unconscious as well…

I could be wrong, maybe we all do fit into these boxes that define us; personally I think that it’s just bollocks… but I might just be talking some.

Think I’m losing the thread a bit now, it has just started raining outside… I find that sound strangely soothing, being cosy inside & hearing the rain. Does anyone else like listening to the rain? Maybe it is a primal happy ancestral memory from a time when humans first discovered caves.


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