There is no Superior

Been feeling a bit under the weather. Have needed to rest a lot. Makes me realize the fragility of this body. Life is delicate, even when it clothes itself in armour like the rhinos & hedgehogs do, it can still be too easily snuffed out.

What happens when the body dies? Does consciousness cease to exist? Or does something live on, another body in another world, do we keep shedding our layers, from one world to the next, till eventually we find our true form?

We come into this world naked & in the end we can take nothing of this physical world with us. The only thing we have that is consistent in this world is our self, it is the one thing we are born with, & the last thing we’ll see before we cross over & our quarks recycle into something else.

One day we will all die. It is the inevitable journey we all have to take. For some of us it is sooner rather than later, but nobody can escape their destiny. Death will eventually come for us all.

The truth is nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts, everything in the universe is in a state of decay. Matter will eventually cease to exist. Yet our energy particles will still be here, apparently energy never dies, it just changes form.

I haven’t properly meditated for a while now, & I’m now trying to get back to a minimum of 5 minutes a day, I can go over 5 mins if I want to.

I don’t look at a clock or time it with a stopwatch, I just do it for what feels like the right amount of time at that moment & just call it five minutes.

Five minutes is more than enough if you’re trying to get back into it or are just starting out. It doesn’t feel like a chore then. If it starts to feel like a chore, you’re doing too much meditation & this could put you off the practise & you might give up. So a gentle gradient is the best way to do it, & if you struggle to find any concentration in those five minutes, just accept it & don’t give up, it happens to everyone.

In some sessions you will gain concentration & mindfulness, & feel like it was a good practise. But that is only possible because you had those difficult sessions that taught you a lot about your mind.

Don’t look to anyone else as a superior being to you. The Buddha wasn’t a God. He was a human being just like us. You don’t have to be a God or have supernatural powers to find enlightenment. A lot of the stuff you read about in religious texts, like miracles, these stories are made up, all these religious figures we look to for wisdom, were human like us. All the supernatural divine magical stuff was added by people later. You have to look at everything you read with an open but critical mind. You have to look at the story & find the essence of it in order to gain the insight & understanding. Miracles & supernatural abilities could be real, but to dwell only on this stuff means you miss the main point of the story.

No creature is superior. We are all equal. If you constantly see yourself as inferior to others, or put yourself in the care of a priestly order or divine being, you’ll never put the work into discovering the truth for yourself & therefore never know it.

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