Choose to be Kind

Here in the UK, people have been physically abused by drunks & in some places arrested, for being homeless. There’s the anti homeless spikes & you hear selfish shop owners moaning that having a homeless person nearby affects their business. So these businesses ask the council to remove them.

Why some drunk people beat up homeless people is troubling & something I’ve never understood. I remember a long time ago now when I was sleeping rough, meeting another homeless guy in Oxford. He had a huge gash on his head, he told me the police had done that to him. The gash was huge & looked like it needed stitches. I flagged down a taxi & gave the driver all the money I had made busking that day & asked him to take the wounded man to A&E. I asked if it would be enough money to get him there & the driver said it was. I regret now that I never got in the taxi & accompanied the man to the hospital. I should have gone with him to ensure he was alright, I hope he got to the hospital OK.

I can’t help but think these shop owners have a choice, & they don’t have to be cold hearted, they could choose to be kinder people if they wanted, we all get a choice. They could have helped those homeless people, they are in a position to do so, they could have chosen to care that there was another human being who needed help. They could have at least got them a meal & a drink, found some compassionate support in the local community for them. They didn’t have to be so hard on them, so cruel & spiteful.

We get a choice, we can choose compassion or hate.


2 thoughts on “Choose to be Kind

  1. I am very glad you are talking about this subject. I also have a concern for the way the homeless are treated. In the U.S. it is illegal to give a homeless person money but I do it anyway because I care. In Florida an elderly man was arrested for serving meals to the homeless and the law that made it a crime in that area to feed the homeless had been instituted because the business owners of that area were more concerned with profit than they were about seeing the homeless be helped. When I heard about that I cried. Thank you for talking about your experiences!


    1. Thanks for your comment Sabina, I think it is our duty as people to deliberately break bad laws like the one you mention in Florida. If a law is against compassion & motivated by greed & hate, it is a bad law imho & should be disobeyed.


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