I use WiFi just like most folk do, but I have discovered something disturbing about it, something which is covered up by the industry & governments of the world. There is no published document anywhere which states what a safe level of microwaves are for a child, the consensus is there is no safe limit for a child, & children shouldn’t be using WiFi at all. If you have kids, you should turn off your router & don’t let them use WiFi enabled devices. As addictive as WiFi is it isn’t safe for kids.

You should also avoid these smart meters, not only can they be used to spy on you, but they will create a thick soup of microwaves in your home & will over time make you & your children Ill.

The Tetra frequency used by the police & emergency services, is a pulse microwave frequency which can cause great harm. It is a worldwide experiment being conducted by the CIA, no Western government is allowed by the US to admit there are dangers associated with the tetra frequency. It can cause cancer, neurological harm & one of the symptoms that some folk get from being overexposed to tetra microwaves is increased aggression.

Over exposure can also cause a feeling of debilitating weakness & cancer, it can happen gradually or suddenly. Depending on the pulse, microwaves can effect people in different ways.

The military have been testing microwave weapons since the 60’s.

This isn’t some mad conspiracy theory, microwaves are not safe. They have never been safe, your microwave oven isn’t safe, almost all microwave ovens leak radiation. The dangers of microwaves are kept quiet to protect the industry from losing profits & to avoid the huge costs in court cases. The government will always deny that there are dangers associated with Wifi, because they are protecting corporate interests.

The smart technology we are all hooked on & love is softly killing us.


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