I am no perfect person, my Buddhism is lazy. I occasionally indulge in things that aren’t really the best way to spend my time. If I put as much attention into meditation as I do playing computer games, I would probably be enlightened by now.

These thoughts make me feel guilty, then I see that it doesn’t do any good to obsessively dwell on feeling guilty, that unhappy penance I inflict on myself doesn’t actually help anything or anyone.

It is better to be in the here and now & be mindful of my thoughts & my surroundings. If you think something is wrong & you feel bad about it inside, it’s better to look at it from a calm angle to understand & learn from it better. Ask why something is wrong, don’t get too attached to it, just find insight in that behaviour, & use it as a way to find enlightenment, make a positive out off a negative, & if you decide it is something you should change in your life, just work gently towards it. Be mindful, by being mindful you will find it easier to change. When people get bogged down by guilt trips, by fear, by despair, then it causes suffering. The end to suffering is what Buddhism is about. So you have to let it go, move on & use it as a means to gain valuable insight into yourself & others, become enlightened through your experiences of life.

Reflect on your thoughts, intentions, words & actions; but do not allow that reflection to cause suffering. Use it as a tool to gain insight.

I don’t really like the word enlightenment much. It creates this vague daunting feeling of an elevated consciousness that seems unattainable.

I don’t know what enlightenment is to be honest. In my head I picture it as a mind that is free from suffering. That sees things as they are, that doesn’t fight against impermanence, is not trapped in transient illusions & opinions, a mind that sees the sanctity of all life, free from the tyrranny of human societal conditioning.

That description still seems a bit too mystical & overly verbose.

Not sure what enlightenment is. I know inside that I am not happy with the way this world is. I love the natural world & I feel sadness knowing that human activity is destroying it. I feel sadness for people who have nothing, who are victims of circumstance & the selfish greed of others. Victims of warfare & controlling manipulative behaviour. People don’t get to choose where they are born. Not everyone has the same opportunities & chances, many people around the world go hungry, don’t have homes or safe water to drink.

People who live simple lives at peace with the natural world are being forced out of their homes, forced to live the way of industry & the ancient rainforest gets cut down to fill the coffers of large corporations.

I also realise I am part of this problem, I consume & use the goods which are contributing to this dark corporate fascist activity around the world.

This world has so many problems it is impossible to write them all down. So many injustices & cruel manipulative behaviour. So many dangers, it feels overwhelming.

I can’t feel happy when there is so much bad stuff happening in the world. I am just as much to blame, & the only way anything can change in this world for the better is if we find a way to change ourselves.

People need to take charge of their own thoughts & minds. Gain insight into themselves & one another. Gently question their opinions, & attempt to discover the truth of them.

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