I Like Seagulls


I feel bad for saying this, but I have no sympathy for people. I feel sympathy for the gulls. They are smart birds & they wouldn’t be stealing food from us if we hadn’t stolen food off them from overfishing.

They’re hungry & so are many animals now, human greed has taken away much of their habitat & their food. These dive bombing seagulls attacking people, is a direct result of human activity, seagulls are so hungry, they will eat anything that looks like food, they eat our plastic which kills them, I have seen them trying to eat cigarette butts & dog poo. These are beautiful majestic birds who should be hunting fish, but can’t, cause we greedy bastards have took too much from the sea. 

It is sad to see them forced into desperate scavengers.

They also, once you get to know them, aren’t as nasty as the media portrays. I have befriended a family that nests on our roof, I helped raise their chick when it fell off the roof, they never attacked me, they seemed to be smart enough to realise I wasn’t a threat, & they often come & sit with me in the garden. The chick who is full grown, also comes & sits with me sometimes, he doesn’t take much food off me, he seems to have worked out how to catch crabs & break open mussels, he sometimes says hello when we’re on the beach, seagulls would much rather be catching their own food if they can.

Animals attacking humans for food doesn’t cause me to feel sympathy for the people, it feels like a horrible thing to say, but I feel more concern for the animal, to attack people for food means they are desperate.

Apparently seals as well are becoming more dangerous due to overfishing, they have been attacking people in Norway recently, they attack as a group & will kill & eat a human if they get the chance. This is new behaviour, & it is not their fault, it’s our fault & our stupid greedy capitalism, which takes & takes with no thought for heritage or preserving what there is for future generations.

Trawlers they take everything, the fish have no chance of escape as the nets travel so fast. They scoop up the babies & the fish eggs too, everything in a trawlers path gets caught. If the babies are caught, it means there are less fish for the next generation, till eventually there’s no fish left at all.

Traditional fishermen, who don’t use trawlers, always put the babies back or ones that are under a certain size, to preserve the fish for future generations. I have heard stories that the coast was once so full of fish, you would see them on the shore when the tide went out. Now when you go to the beach you’ll be lucky if you see any fish at all. Trawlers are bad, they should be banned.

Seagulls & seals are better animals than us.


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