Good on Obama

It’s good he wants to do something about this, I kinda get the feeling he is cramming in everything he wanted to do, but couldn’t before. However, now he is about to step down, he doesn’t care what the polls say, he will just try & do the right thing, maybe… I hope he will close down Guantanamo Bay like he promised he would before his election.

The world should be going solar now, we can generate the world’s electrical needs just on solar alone, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need sunlight, you need daylight, they will still work on cloudy days, power can also be stored in batteries for night time use & for emergency, & for the folk who moan they don’t like the look of solar panels, science has now invented transparent solar panels that can be stuck on to anything & you won’t notice they are there. The miserly right are running out of excuses not to use this technology for generating power.


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