Cool Rainbow


We had a groovy rainbow tonight, wish I had a better camera. The one on my phone don’t do it justice.



Human Flotsam

I saw a photo on Facebook that disturbed & horrified me. It was of dead Palestinian & Syrian children washed up on a shore, the photo was taken by someone trying to help the refugees. You hear about it on the news, but when you see it, it hits home.

It is a topic that is almost constantly on the news at the moment.

I can’t get that image out of my head it was so tragic & deeply upsetting.

Britain & America should be doing more to help these refugees. After all it was our nations who bombed, invaded & destabilized Iraq, Libya & now Syria. We are the ones who divided up Palestine so Zionists could create the state of Israel, we sell them weapons & instead of choosing to live in peace with Palestine, they commit war crimes & disgusting brutality & unacceptable behaviour towards Palestinians. Britain & America sell weapons to many countries, Isis is currently using weapons made in Britain & America, sold to them, by a wealthy sympathetic to their cause element, in Saudi Arabia. The illegal invasion of Iraq by Bush & Blair was the seedbed of ISIS. We used depleted uranium in Iraq & in Libya, which has poisoned the land & actually does more long term harm than the chemical weapons Assad was alleged to have used.

Depleted Uranium shells & bullets are used to pierce armour. It is considered safe because it is weakly radioactive & it is said it would take 200 years for it to penetrate a person’s skin if they were holding it. However if it is consumed, I.e. via contaminated food & water it’s a different story. The metal then becomes highly toxic & causes birth defects in babies & organ damage.

I’m writing this because the UK & America should take some responsibility for their actions & help these refugees. I feel ashamed of Britain when I hear the hateful stuff in some of the media, some people’s attitudes & the government’s cold hearted selfish approach to dealing with the crisis. They expect the rest of Europe to deal with it, but don’t lift a finger to support them.

Greece is being overwhelmed, they have no money, the EU & American corporations just saw to that, the EU & America should be giving money to Greece to help with the refugee crisis. All Western governments should be putting money & resources into helping these refugees, we should all be doing our bit, including the US, who led these invasions.

If we don’t like it, well it’s tough. You shouldn’t go invading other countries, you shouldn’t sell weapons to dodgy groups of people, you shouldn’t divide up bits of land you have no business dividing. If you do this & the region becomes destabilized & it creates a refugee crisis, you take some responsibility & do what you can to help those innocent people.

The refugee crisis we have now is just the tip of the iceberg. In the future there will be refugees because of climate change.

The world is changing, things won’t ever be the same as they once were. These are difficult trying times for many. It would be great if all these world leaders stopped argueing & trying to manipulate one another for self serving interests, & showed some genuine compassion for the refugees.

What was with the far right idiots booing the German chancellor for wanting to help the refugees?

I just can’t get my head round how cold hearted & empty inside so many people seem to be, not just many of the politicians & heads of corporations, but a large percentage of the population too. Has capitalism killed compassion?

My heart feels heavy just now…

A Prayer for the World

A Prayer for the World

Let the fighting stop.
We can be better than this.
No more manipulation
No more cold exploitation of life.

Dismantle your weapons,
Reforge them into tools of peace.

Let the deep wounds of the Earth be healed.
Let life grow again & the storms be settled
Let there be rain where there is drought
Health where there is sickness.

Let all living creatures have a home, food, water, clothes, warmth & shelter.

Let the folk who make rules in their illusory towers, feel empathy where there is none. Let them know compassion & peace. Let those who seek treasure on Earth find the real treasure that is within them, may they let go of their greed & find the true light.

May those who sit at the top of the pyramid find love in their hearts & a new compassionate way of living.

Set us all free, humans, plants & animals alike. Heal the environmental damage caused by our industry.

Help us all free our minds & rediscover life. Real life, the force of life, not the illusory media produced concept.

Those who are in darkness, show them a light.
Those who are hungry & homeless, give them food & shelter.
Those who are anxious & afraid, fill them with peace.

Empower those who feel powerless,
Give a voice to those who don’t have one.

By ‘those’ I mean all living things.

Let the natural balance return. Let our technology be for the good & benefit of all life. Let all wars cease & our politics be about unconditionally sharing what wealth there is with all, whoever, wherever they are. Let all people feel fulfilled & equal, may everyone’s needs be met.

Let there be empathy & peace in the world.

Heal the Earth.

In the name of that which is love.


A Good Buddhism Podcast

This is a good free podcast on Buddhism. It is short, to the point & most importantly down to earth.

I downloaded it via a free app available on Google Play called ‘Podcast Addict’

It’s all free, I’m not doing a sell or anything. Just giving out the links cause it might help others too.

I’ve been getting a bit hooked on podcasts lately, been downloading & learning about all kinds of stuff, from quantum physics to religion.

I have trouble sleeping sometimes in the wee hours & this Buddhism podcast has really helped me understand Buddhism in a practical no nonsense way. Each episode is short & easy to follow. I really recommend it for anyone who wants to know more about Buddhism.

Music, Weaver Birds & Spider Silk

Been getting back into music again. I had a long time of only producing mediocre stuff I wasn’t happy with. Think that happens to everyone, is maybe part of the learning process. You seem to reach a point & get stuck there for what feels like a long time, like trudging through inner mud, & for a time you can’t feel much at all, & it all feels tedious & dull.

Then suddenly from out of nowhere you can feel the music again & it is like a dam breaking free & there’s a woosh where everything feels new like fresh air. It brings with it a feeling of euphoria.


I watched a David Attenborough program I found on YouTube. It was about weaver birds & spiders.

Weaver birds are amazing. They can properly sew, they weave their nests out of natural materials, using their beaks like sewing needles & spider silk from old webs as thread.

The skill they put into building their homes is pure craftsmanship. Some can even tie knots, which is pretty impressive when you realise they are doing it without hands. This complicated knowledge is apparently passed down through DNA. How is that possible?

And it can be resourceful & adaptable if it needs to be. It will use whatever materials are available, if there’s no spider silk or leaves it will use something else instead & do just as good a job.


Then the programme talked about spiders & how they produce silk. Which was amazing until it took a turn into the dark side. And talked about how humans invented machines to farm spiders for their silk. It was hard to watch, it made me feel sad. Yeah some of the stuff weaved from spider’s silk looked beautiful, but it wasn’t much fun for the spider, who didn’t get any choice on whether it was OK to take all it’s silk & then leave it weak & without the very thing it needs for it’s survival.

Some scientists have gotten so obsessed with spider’s silk they genetically engineered a goat which produces silk in it’s milk.

This felt disturbing & deeply wrong, it troubled me. I don’t agree with genetic engineering or farming animals.

What some humans do to animals is despicable. They are like Nazis.

I don’t know what to make of science to be honest. Yeah it’s helped expand our knowledge of the universe, it is interesting & useful, but with that knowledge bad things also seem to get invented, like weapons of mass destruction & animals get tortured in labs, as we test our drugs & cosmetic products on them to see if they are safe to use.

Is science a good or a bad thing?

I don’t know, it could be a good thing, but is all this arrogant cruelty & lack of compassion for other creatures necessary for our progress?

Is it really progress if the knowledge we discover has the potential to cause our extinction?

Should we be dabbling in it when part of the motivation & sponsorship of it is business & war?

I think science should go slowly, take time to carefully weigh out the consequences of it’s discoveries. There should be some discipline involved in it’s study & application, & a deep love & respect for the sanctity of all life, no animal should be tortured or inhumanely manipulated to gain knowledge, it is wrong.

Animals suffer like we do. They are aware, they are conscious, they don’t have our technology or complicated verbosity, but they feel pain, & they feel afraid.

A way to know a person

Was just thinking that a good way to find out what a person is really like inside, is to watch how they treat animals. I think you can learn a lot about a person from observing their behaviour towards animals.

I don’t mean to sound judgemental & get on my high horse. I know when I was younger I often got grumpy with animals. I don’t feel that way now, I just appreciate them for who they are. I enjoy their company, & see them as equals.

One nice thing about animals is they don’t judge or get on their high horses about stuff.

Where does the saying high horse come from anyway? Did judges in the old days  used to have bigger horses than everyone else?

Human Boxes

Was thinking about how certain words & behaviour traits are stigmatized in society. We like to put people in boxes & label them as such & such. We add things like isms, ians, ies, ics & ists at the end.

I know some people who disagree with me on this topic & say they like using labels. Which is fair enough man. These are just my thoughts.

Personally I’m not keen on labels. I think people are more than a narrow media induced definition.

I’m going to use a classic controversial word as an example, something that always evokes feelings of fear & panic in people: psychopath. What is a psychopath?

We automatically assume a psychotic person is dangerous & to be feared. The truth is there are many psychopaths out there who don’t hurt anyone. Just cause someone has psychosis doesn’t mean they’re into evil or manipulative behaviour. Same as someone who uses manipulative behaviour & hurts others isn’t necessarily a psychopath.

Same with the word politician, I automatically feel distrust for politicians. They manipulate, they appear cold hearted, they can show no remorse for the negative consequences of their  behaviour. They are false & disingenuous. Yet I have to ask myself, is every politician the same?

I find it hard to believe that any person is inherently bad or good, we all have a mixture of different personality traits. Yeah we tend to gravitate to certain traits more than others, but is that who we really are? Do we really have to be stuck in boxes & labelled as such & such. Consciousness is more than that, & not just the conscious consciousness but the unconscious as well…

I could be wrong, maybe we all do fit into these boxes that define us; personally I think that it’s just bollocks… but I might just be talking some.

Think I’m losing the thread a bit now, it has just started raining outside… I find that sound strangely soothing, being cosy inside & hearing the rain. Does anyone else like listening to the rain? Maybe it is a primal happy ancestral memory from a time when humans first discovered caves.