Gaza & Calais & Libya

Israel are a bunch of arsewipes.

I’m not talking about the nice Israelis who are campaigning against the human rights abuses & illegal landgrabs. The nice Jews who are trying to help & support Palestinians; but the nasty right wing evil bastards who have a special place reserved for them in the deepest Hell.

I am grateful for what we here take for granted in the UK. People in Gaza have nothing. Many are without water, power or homes. They lost everything because of Israel’s brutal air strikes last year. Yet somehow Palestinians keep their spirits up & have hope. They’re amazing.

Me I wake up in the morning & I can turn on a tap & get water instantly, I’m lucky, many folk in Gaza don’t have that, they can’t even rebuild their homes because of the cruel Israeli blockade.

It makes me feel angry, especially as our own government supports this evil.

What is wrong with some people?

Don’t they have a heart?

These right wing Zionist pricks seem to have nothing but cold hard piss flowing through their veins.

We British have become a cold hearted shower of shite. Many of these migrants in Calais the selfish British public & politicians are whining about are refugees, we Brits bombed their country, we supported destabilizing their home, left it in a fucking mess.

Instead of turning to look the other way, shunning them, building a wall around our hearts & shores & laying the blame on other countries for our mess. Why not show some compassion & help these people. Stop criticizing France & have a long hard look at yourself Britain.

Do we want to be a country of hard hearted nasty misers? Or a country that shows some compassion, takes responsibility for it’s actions, helps those families whose homes were destroyed by our military actions?

Do we want the rest of the world to see us as nasty unpleasant rude obnoxious self serving twats?

Or as a nation of compassionate people, who make friends with other nations & share what they have with those less fortunate than themselves?

The way Britain is behaving about Calais, & it isn’t just politicians, it’s a huge chunk of the miserable British public as well, it is disgusting. I am ashamed to be British. It is becoming a nasty place.


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