It’s a Plant

It’s good that some police chiefs are speaking out in support of legalizing cannabis. The argument that cannabis causes psychosis, doesn’t hold a candle to how alcohol causes psychosis, & now apparently tobacco causes psychosis as well, & the odds of getting schizophrenia from nicotine are slightly higher than for cannabis. If people are going to use drugs recreationally or medicinally cannabis is actually less harmful than coffee, it has never killed anyone & is much safer than any other drug I can think of. It Isn’t something you’d particularly worry about people using. It isn’t even a drug really, it’s a herb.

If it was legal I wager many people would be happy just to use that & the majority of folk wouldn’t bother to use other drugs.
People who are stoned on cannabis are less likely to cause trouble in town & city centres on Fri/Sat nights, as it tends to make people feel peaceful & contemplative, unlike alcohol.

I’m not holding my breath for them to lift prohibition, but maybe in the future if people keep chipping away, & petitioning, maybe this plant will be liberated.

I think when it is finally set free, that good things will happen in the world, medicinally it can help with many ailments, including some forms of cancer. And because it has no overdose potential there is no fear of patients overdosing. They might get a whitey if they take too much & feel a bit anxious or paranoid, but it won’t harm them, just means they’ll probably not take so much in future. Being too stoned isn’t a medical emergency, unlike other medications that can poison you & cause biological harm – cannabis doesn’t cause any biological harm if you take too much. Nobody has ever died from using it.
That’s true as well, research it.

Caffeine & paracetamol have caused fatalities in people, but there are no recorded deaths as a direct result of using cannabis.

Not only is this plant good for medicine, but it can be used to make paper (which will help save trees & wildlife habitat.)

It can be used to make resilient eco friendly building materials, it’s stalks can be made into a superconductor as good as graphene, but a lot cheaper.

It can be used to make biological plastic that doesn’t harm the environment.

It can be used to make clothes & ropes.
It’s seeds are a nutritious food source for all animals.

It can be used as fuel, & there’s other uses I’ve read about but forgotten.

It may well be one of the most useful plants to humans on earth.


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