Sort out your Log First Obama

I don’t think America has the right to criticize other countries for their human rights record, not when they imprison more of their population for minor harmless offences than any other country in the world & then there’s the elephant in the room the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp.

CIA torture.

Mass surveillance.

Police brutality, the amount of people who die at the hands of psychotic American police is chilling.

Some states won’t allow people to collect rainwater or grow their own food.

Switching off the water supply for the people of Detroit. There are groups of people living there who have to all chip in just to get one house connected to the water mains & then they share the tap & get what they need via buckets to take back to their own homes. Water is a human right imo, the way people in Detroit are being treated is disgusting &  not something you’d expect to see in a first world country.

Sorry America, before you go criticising other nations for their human rights abuse, take the log out of your own eye.

I agree with what Obama said, but coming from America, no one in Africa cares what America thinks. They don’t trust their vaccines after the CIA disguised as doctors scandal. And the US corporate landgrabs in Africa are causing many of the people to go hungry, whilst the food gets shipped off to the US. America has no right to moralise about anything, not till they sort out their own evil.

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