Can’t Take no More Conspiracy

I have reached the point where I can’t take anymore conspiracy theories. My brain just won’t allow it, has started making me feel on edge & overly anxious. I respect it though, & some of the information is something we all need to look at in detail. However there’s so much wrong with the world it starts to feel like the image of someone climbing a mountain with a huge concrete block attached to their back. It all starts to feel hopeless, some of it is so dark you feel like you need a psychic shower afterward. Not from the people who give the information, but the shocking evil that it reveals going on in the world. It makes me grieve inside & want to draw close to the hearth of my soul.

How is it that so much evil is allowed to go on in the world?

I immediately switched on my music station & started working on some synth beats & I felt this whoosh of energy come out of me man, like it needed to be released, felt all these blockages in my body where the energy didn’t feel too good, & I weaved my music to try & unblock them.

What I was doing didn’t make any sense, except maybe to my unconscious mind. It felt like a deeply powerful experience. I haven’t been able to cry for a while now. My emotions feel a bit blunted to be honest. Crying is a good thing for anyone to do. Weeping helps you release all that energy & empty your psychic cup, so you can receive something new.

It felt similar to crying, but it wasn’t sad as such, it was both happy & sad at the same time, if that makes sense?

It felt like a psychic detox.

I need to fill that cup with some hope now.

There’s a lot of evil going on in the world.

What can we do about it?

It seems an impossible task. We don’t live in a fair democracy & many people live in fear of change & believe what they read in the newspapers.

Many don’t care, as long as they have their TV dramas, shitty plastic music, & Xfactor, they believe they’re living in a democracy.

Some don’t want to know or accept the truth of what’s going on, or don’t want to believe it is happening. I am one of these people, or at least I was. I understand this fear of despair. Many of us feel powerless, that is a horrible way to feel, so it is better not to think about it too much & let it go just so you can cope.

And then there are those that agree with evil & become self righteous about it.

How the Hell do we break free of this?

We’ve had revolutions before & in the end nothing changes, evil grows again. The root of it is so embedded in humanity, no matter how much you prune it it always grows back.

Need to figure out where/what the root is, & then pull it up so it can’t grow back. To do that requires a lot of effort. It is painful difficult & unpleasant work.

However will the world ever truly change if we don’t change ourselves?

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