The New World Order

*** disclaimer: the following is just my thoughts. At the moment people still have the freedom to say what they think, not for much longer, but I’m going to post as much as I can while I still have the right. Thought crime isn’t here yet, although it is just around the corner, Mark my words!

Don’t judge what I say too harshly or even believe it, do your own research, I could be wrong.

Although anyone who doesn’t feel worried about what is happening to our human rights, all this mass surveillance, talk of thought crime, all this persecution of the unemployed, immigrants, Muslims & trade unions – should be. ***

The more this bullsh#t war on terrorism develops the more convinced I am it is a conspiracy. Not just to subjugate us here in Britain, but the whole world. I believe, & these are just my thoughts, this isn’t a group of people called the Illuminati as many conspiracy theorists suggest, but the rise of the Nazis again & the beginning of the Fourth Reich.

Many people believe the Nazis were defeated after WWII,  they weren’t, The US absorbed many of them into it’s society & gave them amnesty in exchange for knowledge, it was called Operation Paperclip. A lot of these Nazis ended up in high ranking positions in the US.

Quite a few US corporations & wealthy families were admirers of Hitler & sent funds to the Nazis. Our own royal family were guilty of this too.

Other Nazis not captured or given amnesty by operation paperclip after the war escaped into South America or created new identities for themselves & disappeared.

The Nazis had a plan that not many people are aware of. (If anything the death of Hitler just made them more sneaky & dangerous, as they no longer had to follow just his ideas.) In the event they lost the war, they were to bring about the Fourth Reich in secret & slowly over time. They were to infiltrate all aspects of society, especially at the top & through implementation of slow gradual changes, gradually take over the globe. The fruits of which are starting to form today.

This may sound farfetched, but you have to remember they will be smart enough not to call themselves Nazis anymore. WWII happened, these people & their ideas were real. They were clever & many of them survived to take up prominent positions in the US.

Like a game of chess, they’ve been biding their time, putting the pieces in place, & now it seems they are almost ready to spring the trap & force us all into the Fourth Reich.

Yes I am saying our intelligence services are now run by Nazis & have been for some time. Many corporations are run by Nazis & much of the aristocracy supports Nazi values.

Mussolini defined fascism as a government putting the interests of corporations before anything else.

They want to make us pay for everything & control how we think, watch what we do. Large corporations like Google want to send advertisements to us in our most private moments; in the future they may beam adverts directly into our brains via implants.

Banks are buying up the world’s water supply. In some places where they control the water they are telling people it is illegal to collect rainwater.
People in some US states can be put in prison for collecting rainwater. (So called land of the free.)

There may be another economic collapse soon, credit will become worthless, but water, we always need water. If we’re thirsty we will do as we are told for a drink. Fracking & other forms of pollution will make water undrinkable & scarce & we will be forced to depend on banks to supply us with clean drinking water at very high costs.

Companies like Monsanto want to control the world’s food supply. In the future we all may very well be not allowed to grow our own food or collect our own water. Not yet… It won’t all happen at once, it will happen gradually, imperceptibly.

By the time people realize what is going on it will be too late, there will be the army, drones, armoured police patrolling our streets, mass surveillance watching our every move, the tyrranny will have already happened.

Once we have the army patrolling our streets, they will stay there. They will tell us at first it is temporary, but that temporary presence will go on & on. We will get used to it, & when they start telling us we can’t grow our own food or collect rainwater, & we aren’t happy about it, it will be tough, because the forces to control us will be in place.

The government is saying this war against ISIS could take another 20 years, once we have the army patrolling the streets, that gives them 20 years to justify their presence & get us used to it.

They might bring about all the changes sooner than originally intended, they do seem to be in a hurry all of a sudden, this may be a mistake on their part, a younger more arrogant hot headed internet savvy generation of Nazis with less patience, who are used to instant results, a bit more impatient & greedy than the generation before them, I don’t know.

If they are being reckless, then I think there might be hope & like the Third Reich we will eventually kick this lot’s arse too. Although it might be a different war than the last one, a lot more about guerrilla warfare & staying in the shadows, guerrilla warfare may well mean non-violent skills like hacking & disrupting the computers & electronic devices they depend on so much… who knows.. maybe I am getting too far ahead of myself here…

We’re not there yet, the tyrranny Isn’t in full force yet, but if people don’t fight back, don’t wipe the X-factor from their eyes & stand up & fight, we will end up there. New laws keep being secretly pushed through parliament which are eroding more of our civil rights & setting in motion future events that will bring in a worldwide tyranny.

We are heading for a society similar to what is portrayed in the book ‘The Hunger Games.’ The Fourth Reich will not be quite the same as the Third one, they won’t have a raging madman like Hitler in charge, telling them what to do, but it will be just as evil.

This war on terror is just a tool they use to push through an agenda. Hitler used false flags. One Nazi false flag convinced the German public to support an invasion of Poland.

False flags are one of the oldest tricks in the book for manipulating the public into doing what you want & giving up rights in exchange for security.

Just because this is 2015 with all our modern computerized gadgets, doesn’t mean people have changed all that much, particularly those who hold onto power & who control the wealth. These people are still as cold, calculating & devious as they have always been through human history.

Remember Hitler first went after the trade unionists… then the socialists, I don’t think the Fourth Reich will go after Jews, I think this time they are targeting Muslims. Islam has become the new focus of hate in the media & every time a bomb goes off or there is a shooting it is blamed on Islamist extremists, even before anything is even known about the perpetrators of the terrorism. When the perpetrators are found, they are automatically assumed to be members of the latest terrorist organization. It used to be Al Queda, now every attack is blamed on ISIS. Who very conveniently are attacking Syria, whom our government wanted to invade, but was held back by the British public. Now it has emerged our government has been conducting air strikes against Syria illegally, without public approval or knowledge.

Guantanamo Bay is a concentration camp, full of Muslims who have not committed an offence, they have had allegations made about them which haven’t been proved, none have had a fair trial.

Gaza is ignored by most of the world, it has become an open air prison for the Muslim people who live there.

Why Muslims? Because Arab people dominate the Middle East, & the Middle East has trillions of barrels of untapped oil reserves.

What is this government currently doing, what is in the media? What has been gradually going on since the late 1970’s to trade unions & employee rights?

The US spends trillions of dollars on it’s military, much of it unaccounted for in secret black budget projects, the US also pretty much dictates to NATO how much it should be spending on the military. Why do we need to spend so much money on the military? Especially when this spending means many of our own people go cold & hungry…

The US has declined to return gold it was supposed to be looking after to countries who have asked for it back, why?

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