I admit I am one of these irrational folk who touches wood when I say something I don’t want bad spirits to hear, or panic if I break a mirror. When you think about it rationally this is very odd bizarre behaviour & can really dominate & get in the way of seeing things as they really are.

I sometimes use divinition as well when I don’t know what to do, although I try to look at it now as not telling me what to do, but using it for random inspiration to give me a lift when I need it. It isn’t rational & it is not really wise to use it often. Ultimately I must learn to take responsibility for my own actions, & choose for myself what to do, without needing to consult a random Oracle for inspiration.

If there is a pre-determined future then that isn’t very comforting for me. Fate implies everything in life is pre-ordained, therefore if it has been decided by some divinity I am to be a certain way then I am stuck like that. It renders me powerless to take charge of my own life & set myself free. I become dependant on the whim of a God who likes to deal in absolutes.

This I don’t believe, I believe we can take charge of our own destiny, there is no pre-ordained prophecy. We make our own future.

Life can be cruel, & many people are victims of circumstance or made to conform to the will of control freaks forcing their views on others.

Yet despite that, we still have the power inside to set ourselves free, to gain insight & enlightenment, to find the path to freedom, even in all that despair & chaos, you can still find the path to inner peace.

I will try not to worry about superstition or any of that stuff anymore as it gets in the way of truth; traps me in irrational behaviour, which stems from the fear of something imaginary.

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