Random Religious Thoughts

Sorry for all the preaching. I don’t mean to come across so intense or depressing or whatever it is. I’ve never been very good at human relations, always say the wrong thing or mess up in some way.

I just have this strong anxious feeling all is not well in the world & time is running out. That could be cause I’m a complete nutjob suffering from the Armageddon paranoia that has inflicted the human psyche for millennia. Or it could be me just stating the obvious like Arthur Dent in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. As anyone who looks can see the world is not heading toward a good place. I realize preaching or writing constantly about it, puts people off & they don’t want to know. It would be better if I just keep it simple &,talk in an everyday way that doesn’t make people switch off & judge me as just another crazy conspiracy theorist who needs to get out more.

Finally there needs to be hope. I have found it by seeing compassion in other people. Several strangers I have met lately showed compassion, & I sensed also a dissatisfaction in them like I feel & the longing for freedom. Which makes me realize there are a lot of people waking up now & it makes me wonder if there are greater forces out there subtly making a stand against evil. This thought gives me hope.

Newton stated every action has an equal & opposite reaction.

I am religious, but not in the sense of doctrine, I dislike doctrine.

Ultimately I see the core value of any religion as simply being compassionate towards others.

Sometimes doctrine gets in the way of religion & blocks compassion. For example a doctrinal Christian might say they love you, but only if you’re a heterosexual. That Isn’t compassion or love, it is controlling behaviour. It isn’t just Christians who are like this, Muslims & even Buddhists can behave the same way. That is why I dislike doctrine & all these bizarre unnecessary rules you’re expected to follow to get into heaven. They’re nonsense. The truth, the core of any religion is compassion, if there’s no compassion in a religion then it is no longer a religion, but an institution that has become part of the problem.

I prayed last night & it was a prayer motivated by genuine compassion I felt for another family. Today I heard that there was a glimmer of hope for their situation that they didn’t have yesterday. It was possibly a coincidence, but it felt like my prayer had been answered. I don’t know if God is real, that is an honest statement, it doesn’t mean I am a sinner because I question things. People shouldn’t be afraid to question things & get to the truth themselves, it is the only way that they will ever really understand it. Why wouldn’t God want people to do this?

I sometimes wonder if God could be a universal mind we all share. Or to put it more concrete & scientific: our unconscious mind.

Our subconscious, this intelligence we are not conscious of, but exists & plays behind the scenes of our awareness. It solves problems silently, it’s workings are hidden to us, or at least the conscious part of us. It is very powerful, it is ancient, & we are not aware of it, but it is there. How old is the unconscious mind?

Older than humanity perhaps, from the first life form even, the invisible hand that slowly solves evolutionary problems, experiments with new body designs to adapt to different environments & circumstances over a long period of time. Evolution takes a very long time.

not saying any of this is fact, it is just my own theory… It could go back further, I always wonder what was there before the big bang, what caused the big bang & where did any of it come from. If someone answers God, then can they tell me where God came from?

It seems to be an impossible question to find the answer for.. but I’m drifting again, back to the train of thought which is.. maybe all life shares this unconscious mind, but we don’t notice it or acknowledge it because we are not conscious of it, hence the name unconscious mind.

I sometimes wonder if the only way us humans can survive & not go extinct is if we learn to love one another, tolerate our differences, show compassion. The world seems a long way from that at the moment, but if it is the unconscious mind steering us towards that eventual outcome, if the unconscious is connected to all living things & if enough beings want this, then it will happen. There will be a shift & perhaps humanities next evolutionary leap is to become more compassionate & to let go of destructive behaviour & end suffering.

It sounds far fetched & a bit New Agey, & like something not based in the real world, but what is the real world? It certainly isn’t what we see on our screens or what we’re told to believe it is…

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