The Power of Us

How can the government say in one breath they value free speech & go on about censorship & mass surveillance in another. David Cameron keeps repeating how conspiracy theorists are akin to extremism/terrorists. Makes me wonder if maybe a lot of these conspiracy theories are spot on, if they weren’t true why is the government so worried about them. Perhaps it is because people are starting to see through the government bullshit. Politicians are getting scared, people are waking up & the government doesn’t like it. The government is losing control. People are starting to sniff something has gone off in the world. The question is will people now do something about it?

You want to stop these bastards then starve them of cash. Stop giving evil corporations your money.

Starve crap governments by refusing to purchase the goods & services of their corporate sponsors. Find out who the Tory party donors are & boycott their goods & services.

If the corporate elite of America are behaving like fascists boycott them too.

Break the control of banks by building local co-ops, invent your own currency.

It doesn’t have to be a violent revolution, it does however need the majority of us to get off our arses & fight, & make the effort to consume ethically. Do some research find out who the good companies are & buy their products, buy local produce, support the local economy, avoid the nasty companies, avoid anything fascist. Starve the bastards of cash.

Be kind to people you meet, do the opposite of how the tabloids want us to behave. Don’t believe the hateful lies in the media about people on benefits, there’s more than enough money to cover welfare, especially if the government stops subsidizing wealthy corporations. Avoid them corporations, don’t use their products, send a clear message this isn’t on.

Everyone should be writing to their MPs about the disgusting way this government is destroying worker’s rights & unions. Companies are now going to be allowed to bring in their own strike breakers, private security to beat up those who dare to protest against unfair working Conditions. People are too scared, they need to find some courage & fight back, but again it will only work if the majority do it, if that happens employers will be forced to treat their staff better.

Everyone who cares about this, should also boycott companies who treat their staff like shit.

Stop throwing money at arseholes.

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