Profitable Incarceration

The privatisation of prison is one of the most evil acts of the British & American governments. These contracts state that the prisons must be at 90 – 95% capacity at all times. Judges get bribed to increase prison sentences, (Google the kid’s for cash scandal.)

The private companies who run prisons make a 500% profit, putting humans in cages & depriving them of their rights whilst forcing them to work in sweatshop conditions for £2 an hour has become a lucrative business. Not just for the corporations running the prisons, but the companies who can exploit prisoners for cheap Labour. It has become so lucrative even the big banks have taken notice & are investing in the private prison industry.

It is disgusting & evil. We in the West are despicable allowing this to happen. We the so called golden standard of civilization, Britain & America, we imprison more of our population than anywhere else in the world for non-violent harmless crimes. Often prisoners are kept in crap conditions, made to suffer hardships, just so these corporations can cut costs & make more of a profit.

These corporations, banks & our governments are disgusting twisted sick human beings.

This is the real reason cannabis isn’t legalized in Britain. It helps the government meet the obligations in their contract with private corporations to always ensure the prisons are filled to 90 – 95% capacity. I can imagine it won’t be long till people are imprisoned again for not being able to afford to pay their debts & for sleeping rough.

This is what the world is becoming. A dark evil soulless place where the love of money is the dominant religion & the fruits of that religion are exploitation, suffering, slavery, pollution, poverty, inequality, death & eventually extinction.

My view is prisons shouldn’t be privatized, this is one area the state shouldn’t shirk it’s responsibility, & prisons should treat prisoners well, why? Because by treating people with love, trust & respect, you are showing them why being like this makes society a better place. Cruelly punishing people, treating them like scum, forcing them to experience brutality & depravation, this just reinforces criminal behaviour & achieves nothing.

Britain & America are two of the most evil places to live in the world. How they criticize other nations for human rights abuses when they are some of the worst offenders is hypocrisy.

Just saying…

I will never feel proud of my country or love it, when there is evil like this going on. I’m not a capitalist & I’m not a communist, I am an environmental humanist. I am sick of how evil the world is. Enough is enough…

Britain & America should be ashamed of themselves, incarcerating people for profit is so low I can’t find an adequate word to describe how petulantly evil it is.

Will the mainstream media report on this? Where are the real journalists? It seems journalism has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for Corporate & Government sponsors. A spinning propaganda machine designed to keep the public thinking a certain way.

Britain, America, the EU – you want us to feel patriotic, then Danm well give us something to feel patriotic about. Something altruistic, something that does good, that makes the world a better more loving kinder place to live. Not this out of control corporate fascist evil that leaves behind it a trail of toxic suffering.

Exploitation of the world for profit. That isn’t what I believe in man. I want no part in this disgusting evil.

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