First They Came For…

There’s so much evil going on in the world it’s hard to feel good about anything right now.

The oceans are being poisoned, the land is being poisoned, forests are dieing, animals are going extinct. Many beneficial insects that have a long ancient symbiotic relationship with the land are dieing in huge numbers from pesticide use & bad farming practices. The earth is dieing & about to enter a mass extinction event because of our selfish greed & stupidity.

In the human world, some politicians get away with abusing children, abusing their power, & have the cheek to give themselves a pay rise while they’re at it. They are hypocrites, criticising people who depend on benefits whilst they themselves abuse an expenses system set up solely for the political class, paid for by the public.

Dodgy laws & deals are fast tracked through parliament while the public is distracted & looking the other way. The government lies to us constantly & we know this, but still elect them anyway.

The government is destroying worker’s unions, soon no employee will have any right & we will end up a sweatshop nation of unhappy burnt out people. People who are 5 minutes late for a job search interview are getting sanctioned & condemned to starvation. Austerity is killing people all over the world. The wealthiest in society are getting richer & poor people are going hungry at night. There are stories everywhere, even here, where people are collapsing in the street from starvation.

The government doesn’t listen to the majority or seem to care about what people’s needs are or what they want. It has become a democracy just for corporations, the companies who can shout the loudest & offer the best bribes get the government they want. Politicians are becoming like corrupt business men, ready to do deals with devils for the right price.

There is a huge weapons trade, that makes the world an unstable place to live. The arms industry is the reason this world is constantly at war. Money is made through war & a few people get rich at the expense of people’s lives.

We now have enough nuclear weapons to completely wipe out all life on this planet & make it a toxic wasteland for thousands of years after.

Our governments & corporations now watch just about everything we do, whether online, in our own homes, who we phone, what we talk about, or outside via CCTV & spy satellites. Our personal private data is collected & stored on an expensive database, for what purpose? To keep us safe? I don’t think so. More likely it is to keep them safe from us.

Corporations use this data to invade our lives with more advertising for impermament material possessions that can’t bring you the happiness the adverts portray in their plastic unreal way. We are becoming spiritually empty consumers on a treadmill for the wealthy few at the top of society. In the future people will have chips implanted in their brain & they won’t be able to get away from the advertising, it will be unbearable, no way to escape it.

Social services keep taking away kids from loving families who have done nothing wrong & trafficking kids for a foster care & adoption industry. It is sick, yet none of this gets mentioned in the media. It is all done in secret courts away from the public eye. Parents are powerless to fight back, they have no rights & the children go through emotional Hell as they are cruelly & coldly forced away from their parents & if the parents talk about it or try to see their kids they get put in prison. This is all going on while the kids who really need the help of social services are ignored & get abused, some to the point of death. Somebody please tell me what this is about? Cause the amount of kids being taken from parents who haven’t committed any abuse is deeply troubling.

It’s not just kids the social services are going after now. It’s old people as well. Old people are being forced into care homes often against theirs & their families wishes by social services.

The abuse of the government & local authorities needs to be exposed & presented in the media. The public needs to know.

Which brings me to another problem. The media itself. They no longer represent the people, they have become mouthpieces for the establishment, a way to sway public opinion & trick them into believing something is true when it is false. As a result disabled & unemployed  people around Britain have been bullied by a mob like mentality of the general public who believe all people out of work are scroungers who were somehow responsible for the economic collapse & austerity. No mention of the banks who caused the collapse & how these same banks the public were forced to bail out have made in banker’s bonuses the same amount of money as has been forced on the public through spending cuts.

The truth is it isn’t disabled people, the unemployed or immigrants who caused the economic collapse, it was caused by the people who are the only ones profitting by this misery.

The military is involved in & has been for many years testing mind control & experimenting with it sometimes on an unsuspecting public. For what purpose? The most likely explanation for it is so disturbing it is something you don’t want to think about or believe, but they are doing it, & they seem to be getting more confident they’re getting there. Will this mind control be forced on us through compulsory vaccinations which they want to enforce on every member of the public, not just children. In California now if you refuse to vaccinate your child they aren’t allowed to attend any school & if an adult refuses a vaccination they can’t get a job. Australia has already made it compulsory for people to be vaccinated or they don’t get their benefits. There’s talk of the same rule being enforced on Europe. Don’t be surprised if this topic starts to pop up in the mainstream media to sway people into accepting it. Whatever anyone thinks about vaccines, my opinion is they are not 100% safe, there is a small risk they will f#ck you up, you will struggle to get compensation if this happens & for some of the diseases they are wanting to vaccinate us against, the risks of the vaccines are actually greater than the disease itself. In the US kids can be given as many as 63 vaccines before they go to school. Big pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money from this, & they are one of the leading players behind TTIP. Whatever you feel about this topic, it should always be a person’s human right to decide what goes into their bodies, not a government or a corporations.

I could go on but I’m pretty tired & you all know most of this stuff anyway. Why are so many of us apathetic? Is it something in the water supply like recycled anti-depressants or fluoride? Or is it many people are afraid to stick their heads above the parapet, if they keep quiet & do nothing maybe the great eye of Sauron won’t see them & will leave them alone. Maybe it’s cause people are too exhausted from brutal shifts, or maybe people don’t like to think about it, cause it is depressing. Maybe some people think, it doesn’t effect them so they don’t care. Whatever the reason, this evil will continue unabated until enough of us stand up to it.

I am reminded of something written by Martin Niemoller, about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis’ rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

‘ First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.’

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