Who Am I

I am God, you are God, the great I am is me & you. We are all God, we’ve just forgotten or buried this knowledge deep within ourselves; whatever walk of life you come from God is inside you. Heaven is a place within. All the conflicts of the world start from within us. I am sovereign, you are sovereign, no external force outside ourselves can be sovereign over us unless we allow it. Animals are a part of us too, I saw a fruit fly in the bathroom, it was a living entity just like me, afraid of this giant looking at it. I tried to reassure it that I meant it no harm, I don’t believe in killing anything anymore, cause I feel the life in it. The fly seemed to sense this in me & relaxed, it came to look at me watching me intently with it’s eyes & I could sense that fly was just like me – alive. It doesn’t philosophi, at least I don’t think it does, it just exists, it is alive, as are we.

I’ve come to see religion as a map of the mind, an allegory, hidden on purpose to make you think & look for God inside yourself beyond all the superficial-ness. This is why another human being’s interpretation of life can only ever really be their own. It is their personal encounter with God; but you are never going to know God unless you experience it for yourself. A good teacher will try to guide you back to your own sovereignty. They may use proverbs, riddles or koans to get you thinking, but the purpose of these is to make you look within, contemplate, meditate, focus inwards. Find that pearl of great worth for yourself. How else can you know it, unless you experience it yourself.

I have been searching more intensely than ever this year, I couldn’t take what was happening in the world anymore. I read about all the suffering & cruelty, not just towards people, but plants & animals, & this pain caused me to search for some power to fight against it. At first I looked outside myself, but wherever I looked it wasn’t there. The truth I am discovering is that the power lies within us. No one is powerless, we give our power away, but that power is still ours, nobody can take it from you. You cannot contain the wind in a box, it just is, it does as it pleases. Although you may keep the lid tightly shut & think you have caught it, when you open the box – the wind is no longer there.


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