Be a Trickster

Just watched a film from back in 1998, called ‘Enemy of the State’ is a good film. It is about the NSA & shows how the power of mass surveillance can & will be abused. This film was made before 9/11 & the huge attack on our privacy that has occurred since then. It is chillingly accurate & relevant to today & if only we had all taken that film a bit more seriously & stopped them pushing through this mass surveillance.

9/11 & 7/7  were tragedies, the most disgusting thing about those events however was our government’s response to them & how they exploited them to forward their own agenda.

It shows what a bunch of disgusting people many politicians & corporations are.

The UK government wants to push through the Snoopers Charter again, every email you send & it’s content will be stored on a huge expensive database, designed to record information about every single person who uses the internet or phone in Britain.

Using encrypted messaging apps will be outlawed, & anyone who gets a bit too verbal about things online, criticises government policy or actions too much, in a way that might incite anger towards the government, could be labelled an extremist & could end up under a police order, where everything they post online gets checked by the police before it is posted, if you don’t comply with the order you can receive a heavy fine or a prison sentence.

You may think : nothing to hide nothing to fear, well if you think that I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. To save me argueing why, & making this post longer, if you are a chanter of the nothing to hide; nothing to fear mantra, use any search engine & key in – ‘nothing to hide; nothing to fear debunked’

Do your own research, see why that statement is false.

We don’t have to accept this surveillance state, it is wrong, when I take a dump or have a bath I don’t take the state with me. If I am grieving or having a difficult time I don’t want the bloody state watching & recording me. I don’t want some stranger I don’t know looking over my personal life, it’s none of their business.

I think if I carry on posting like this, in a couple years or so I may well be labelled an extremist & given a court order to desist (collective sigh of relief from the internet.)

We have bloody secret courts now. A person can be tried & convicted in a secret court & not know it is happening, the first they will know of it is when the police come to collect them to serve their prison sentence. The way ministers are talking now it is getting very close to the idea of thought crime.

If that doesn’t terrify you, then read George Orwell’s ‘1984’ &  read about Soviet Russia under Stalin.

I don’t like the way things are going in this world, I’m disappointed more people aren’t protesting against it. I know people are tired, don’t have the time, stressed by crappy zero hour contracts & low pay, afraid of rocking the boat in case it effects them or their family. We’re all terrified of the great eye fixing it’s gaze on us. Yet at the same time we know what is happening in our world is wrong. We love Star Wars & films were heroes rebel & stick their finger up at the evil empire.

It may come down to our kids & grandkids to form the rebel alliance.

Anyway I’m going to save the State the bother of banning me from speaking in public by voluntarily not posting much about myself online anymore. Every time I post on here I am voluntarily giving up information about myself to be bought or sold. The NSA & GCHQ can read everything we post online & they use it to build up profiles about us based on what we write, what we like, what we search for, what websites we visit, what our thoughts on the government is. I find that creepy, I don’t like it. Also it isn’t an accurate way to know what a person is really like. I am not comfortable with automated systems scanning everything we post for keywords & shoving us in boxes based on what we write, who we know, who we call. It is too easy to make mistakes & to turn innocent people into criminals.

I often find it hard to shut up online. I feel like I have to get this off my chest. Shout it from the rooftops make people understand they are walking into a trap. Wake up.

I figure the best protest against this surveillance state is to stop using the technology they spy on us with, or Send the bastards on a wild goose chase, track the movements of our MPs & councillors, film any corruption we come across with either hidden cameras or our smartphones, they’ve been doing this in India, secretly recording corrupt officials & posting the videos on YouTube, Social Media & a website to expose the corruption in India. We need to do the same with anyone corrupt we encounter in our lives, expose it. Build our own surveillance state, compile our own database of officials & use their spytools against them.

but do so intelligently, creatively, humourously & if you can anonymously, you don’t have to keep your GPS switched on if you’re not using it, same with WiFi & data connections, learn how to use the technology against them – be a trickster.

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