The Value of Food & Water

Around the world bank’s are buying up water supplies. They have said water will be more valuable than gold in the future. Then there’s that evil bastard from Nestle saying that water isn’t a human right.

Then you’ve got companies like Monsanto, with their GM food, where they loan their GM seeds to farmers & also demand royalties for each crop sold. They create the nasty Roundup herbicide which has been linked with causing cancer, & a GM crop called roundup ready, which is immune to the herbicide. I heard a posh farmer saying on the radio that GM will be great because farmers won’t have to rely on butterflies & bees anymore. The ethics of GMO aside, Monsanto & the other GMO corporations have an agenda to control the world’s food supply.

I think this is mainly what TTIP is about, to allow companies like Monsanto to get their foot in the door of Europe & start controlling our food supply. There’s a huge push for GMO here in the UK, hence the propaganda on the BBC & in the media.

Let’s be clear though, GMO won’t solve any food shortage problems, all this stuff they say to pull our heart strings is propaganda, GMO will make world hunger worse. This is because many people won’t be able to afford their prices, farmers will go broke, & organic farming will be pushed into accepting GMO, either through pollution &/or climate change which kills the soil & the beneficial insects, making it difficult to grow food. Or because they are tricked into doing so, Monsanto will deliberately sow GMO seeds on organic farms & when they grow they take the farmer to court, for using their patented seeds without a license. It usually ends up with Monsanto saying they’ll drop the charges if the farmer agrees to buy seeds from Monsanto from now on. They are one of the evilist corporations on the planet.

These GMO companies will completely take over the world food supply if they have their way. Kids in schools in the future will be educated to believe what Monsanto is doing is a good thing & will be taught that’s where food comes from.

If you have kids teach them how to grow their own food organically, grow food indoors or outdoors, in the future with climate change & pollution it may become almost impossible to grow anything outdoors, so growing food indoors may become the norm. However you do it, use the resources available online & just teach yourself & your kids/grandkids how to do it, so when all this starts happening you aren’t completely dependant on these corporations for your survival. It will be the next generation who have to deal with this shite. I’ll probably be dead by then, it’s the poor bastards who remain after I am gone that will have to deal with it. It could happen sooner though, the financial sector might be ready to explode again any minute.

I think oil is a dieing industry & many big corporations know this, money is worthless now, what banks lend has no value, it is made on a computer & corresponds to nothing of value. A person takes out a loan & that person’s assets then become the thing of value, but the money lent to that person is worthless, it only becomes valuable when either the person pays it back with high interest or defaults & loses their assets as a result. The financial system is bullshit.

Back to the point of this post, big corporations want to be in control of our food & water because we need these things to survive. Oil & energy is becoming unreliable, in the future these things will lose their value as they are gradually replaced by other forms of energy, especially homemade energy, things like solar panels & newer batteries will be more affordable to the average income family.

It feels to me like we are on the brink of another financial crash & banks are going to need something of value when they can no longer use their worthless money. They will have the assets they’ve stolen off nation’s & individuals, but they will have something more valuable to fall back on, the control of our water.

Companies like Monsanto & all the major banks will secure power & wealth for themselves in the future by forcing us to pay whatever prices they ask for our food & water.

I am not making this up, & banks & Monsanto don’t particularly hide this agenda, they just see it as business.

Soon water & food will no longer be a human right & we will be forced to pay high prices to these banks & corporations just to survive.

In some states of the US you are not even allowed to grow your own food or collect rainwater.

In Ireland the government is trying to make collecting rain water illegal, which is more than a coincidence, because banks like Goldman Sachs are buying all the Irish water. Banks have also purchased water in the South of England, & plan to eventually buy & control all of Britain’s water. They will make a lot of money from water intensive activities like Fracking.

Fracking is bad, it does poison the water table, the fluid used to fracture the rocks contains toxic chemicals which do leak into the local water supply. These concrete fracking wells crack over repeated use, & if TTIP goes through which it looks likely to now, any safety & regulation will go out the window. The used Fracking fluid is a toxic sludge of dirty water which they store in artificial lakes in order to try & clean it & make it safe to drink again, which apparently is very difficult to do. These artificial lakes also leak into the water table & before the water is recycled, they don’t do a partularly thorough job of cleaning it properly.

It is also possible this fracking will also become a way to dispose of nuclear waste, as once the shale gas has been extracted they can then dump nuclear waste down the boreholes, which also creates a risk of all that radioactive shite entering the water table.

There seems to be a big push for fracking up here in Scotland too. Although there’s a moratorium it is only temporary. The Scottish government is trying to put through a law which will give them the power to force private land owners to sell to the government, basically a land grab. The government then wants to hand this land over to industry, if you put two & two together it becomes obvious this is them paving the way for fracking in Scotland, which will probably be brought into effect after the next Scottish election.

I know a lot of people don’t want to know all this, just think it is conspiracy nonsense. I urge anyone who thinks like that to do their own research into these topics to ascertain the truth for themselves.

The golden days some people may look back on with nostalgia & try to bring back or hope will come back are over. This world is changing whether anyone likes it or not & things are getting rougher & they are not going to get any better, only worse. People need to stand & fight for their right now, because it will be a lot harder to do so once these changes have took place & you are living in a tyranny with no rights.

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