What is God

OK imagine you’d never heard of God & your culture had no religion. Or even better imagine you’re a child. A Christian missionary comes up to you & tells you that you’re a sinner & you have to repent & be baptized. When you ask that person why? They answer because there’s a God who is 3 people at the same time who can see everything you do & know what you’re thinking & he made ten commandments that you had to obey, & anyone who doesn’t obey will roast in eternal flame – and this God loves us. The problem is his law is impossible to obey & because of that none of us can escape the eternity of burning flames unless we get washed in the blood of Jesus.
If we do this he will forgive us.

Feeling a bit disturbed you might ask who is Jesus & why do I have to be washed in his blood?

The missionary could say, ‘Jesus is the son of God, & one day God the father & God the son who are the same person were looking down at the earth together & the father said, ‘Son I want you to go down there & be tortured & nailed to a cross, so I can forgive their Sins.’

And the Son meekly said, ‘OK.’

(I think you might look at the missionary as if he was off his head & a bit nuts.)

What is God?

I don’t think it can be this. If it is then this God is a complete psychopathic control freak. What sort of father would send their beloved son to be tortured , humiliated & nailed to a cross? It makes no sense man. You’d have to be a right bastard to do that to your child.

The bible has to be the most confusing load of nonsense ever written.

Then there are brief glimpses of what God might be, a tiny glimmer of light, in the story of the good samaritan, the sermon on the mount, the healing of the sick. But most of it seems to be about a group of priests who form an elite structure where they get certain privileges the rest of the population doesn’t. They create a totalitarian paternal state that rules over it’s subjects using fear. They create too many laws that break the people’s backs. If you don’t obey , you can be stoned to death or become an outcast from the tribe.
The Romans invade & they get usurped. They don’t like this & plot a revolt, they hope for a messiah who will be like a freedom fighter & kick the Romans out of their country. Instead they get a long haired hippy who claims to be the messiah, he tells the priests they are vipers & false. He proclaims they put a heavy burden on people’s shoulders & won’t lift a finger to help them. He goes around openly breaking their rules & saying what they stand for is a load of Bollocks. He says that all God wants is for people to be nice to one another, just be kind & stop being such cold hearted self righteous tightwards. The priestly elites don’t like this, so they plot to kill him because he is too subversive. They pull a few strings & manage to get the Romans to agree to crucify him & by a fortunate coincidence at the same time release a famous freedom fighter called Barrabas.

Jesus dies & comes back to life after 3 days, but no-one recognizes him, not even his disciples who had lived with him for nearly 3 years. It is as if he has resurrected into a completely different body. (Or the logical conclusion might be somebody else is pretending to be him,) he walks around a bit & performs more miracles, and then the story ends abruptly, with him flying up into the heavens & an angel who is also standing there watching his ascension telling the people he will return one day in the same manner.

Then St. Paul comes along, one of the priestly class who hated Jesus, & he goes around persecuting people who talk about Jesus. He has his road to Damascus & then suddenly changes his tune & almost singlehandedly invents most of the Christian religion that we know today. Most of the rules come from him, they have nothing to do with what Jesus said. Jesus said there was only one rule, & that is to love one another. St. Paul & some others seem to think this rule of Jesus is too simple & make it more complicated by creating a whole load of paternal dogmatic nonsense that appears to be a watered down version of the pharisee priestly class that dominated the people previously. They are apparently free now, but only if they follow a lot of rules & do as they’re told. Fear comes back again & proves as it always has done throughout human history to be an effective tool of mind control. It is especially effective it seems when the judge is a God who is everywhere at once & can see everything you do. Once more the priestly class gain control over people through fear & over a period of time the church becomes an orthodox religion & the priests regain their privileges & social status. New things are added to the story which create more & more complicated rules & dogma, & eventually the whole thing becomes fairly indistinguishable from the very religion Jesus rebelled against.

What is God?


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