The Coin

I find myself oddly detached from the news. I have come to the conclusion most of the news is full of half truths & once you know someone is a liar it is hard to believe anything they say anymore.

That’s the big problem with our politicians too, nobody really believes anything they say anymore cause they’ve lied & deceived the people so much, I think they even lie to themselves now to convince themselves what they say is true. They may as well exist in a different world to the people. Nobody really cares what they say, or trusts them. It is sad really.

I don’t hate politicians, not anymore, I pity them now, they’re so lost in an illusion they themselves built, they’re a prisoner of their own lies & self deception. They have put the coin above all else, they believe that money will make everything all right, that putting money first is for the greater good. They close their ears to the people, & bend them to the voice of the illusionists who make the money appear out of thin air.

What is money really worth?

Is it worth all this suffering?


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